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Pick your Own Chilli Plants & Plugs

Select from a huge range of Chilli Plants and Plug Plants to suit all tastes and abilities. World of Chillies have a range of 60 plants in the PYO section including all the world’s favourite chillies, the hottest, the weirdest and the wildest!

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Chinense Plug Sale Commences 1st May

Chinense variety plugs (Recordbreakers and World’s Hottest) need to be in your greenhouse in the next week or so if you want a good crop this season. You’ve got another few weeks to plant up annum varieties (Chefs and Weird & Wonderful).

So if you’ve got something specific in mind, get your orders in quickly or hang on for a bargain! All remaining Chinense variety plug plants will be 1/3 off from 1st May!
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  • Thai Demon - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    A new variety of Thai chilli producing small uniform fruits around 3cm long. The plants are fairly small and produce an abundance of white flowers and a lovely show of tiny red fruits. Plants are well suited to a sunny windowsill. They are extremely easy to grow.

    This plant is high yielding and an excellent new variety which has greatly improved the Thai chilli type, bearing prolific flowers and fruit from just 65 days after planting. 150,000ScU.
  • Prik Kee Noo - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    The most commonly used chilli in Thailand, Prik Kee Noo literally translates as the Mouse Poo Chilli. You'll be pleased to know that it gained its name from its similarity in shape and size to mouse droppings, and not its flavour!

    These little chillies are explosively hot and sharp in flavour, a must have for any lover of Thai and Asian food.
  • Jamaican Hot - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    This attractive crumple-podded chilli is actually an annuum variety that packs a punch similar to a Habanero or Scotch Bonnet. The pods are thin walled and very juicy, with a very distinctive apricot and citrus flavour. Great for Caribbean cuisine or just adding a large slug of heat and flavour to fish or chicken dishes.

    Jamaican Hot is a relatively compact plant with attractive branching habit. Pods ripen from lime green to red. An unusual chilli plant with many things going for it.
  • Chiltepin - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    The mother of all chillies; the original and some say still the best. Chiltepin is the earliest recorded chilli and it still grows wild around the deserts of Texas and New Mexico. Plants can grow quite large and later in the season become covered with small, round and highly explosive little pods. Chillies measure somewhere in the region of 250,000 Scoville Heat Units.
  • Pequin - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum frutescen
    An extremely hot little bird type chilli that produces fiery little blunt pods. Pods can reach around 100,000SHU. Originating from North East Mexico where pods are often pickled or used in salsas and sauces. Pequin chilli plants are generally quite compact, growing up to 60cm tall in the first season but they can grow taller if successfully overwintered.
  • Serrano Tampiqueno - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    Serrano Tampiqueno is an extra flavoursome version of the original chilli, boasting little cylindrical chilli pods that are earlier to mature. Plants are small and bushy, ideally suited to a patio pot.

    Serranos have peculiar hairy leaves and stems and are prolific producers of the fleshy, meaty Serrano chillies so closely associated with Mexican cuisine. Serranos are best used raw for salsas such as Salsa Verde where their juicy, sharp flavour can be most appreciated. Delicious and very distinctive. 5,000ScU. Fast to fruit (70 days from transplant).
  • Pusa Jwala - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    Pusa Jwala are medium sized plants that produce long, thin, slightly twisted and crumpled pods. They hang pendant in abundance on attractive plants. They are one of the most popular varieties of Indian Hot Pepper and are pretty hot at 30,000-50,000ScU. They are a good all rounder for Indian cooking as well as drying well.

    Pusa Jwala was one of our favourites grown last year; a very attractive plant with its delicate foliage and mass of crumpled pods that took us quite by surprise! Fast to fruit (70 days from transplant).
  • Jalapeño Early: Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    One of the world's best known and best loved chillies, with its juicy, fleshy pods and sharp heat. Great for cooking with or eating raw in salsa. The Jalapeno is a very high yielding plant, growing up to a metre under cover and producing a profusion of flowers and short, blunt, conical fruits. The chillies are often picked and used green, but will ripen through to red. 5,000ScU. Fast to fruit (60 days from transplant).
  • Jalapeno Purple: Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    A purple fruiting variant of the popular Mexican chilli. Purple Jalapeños fruit prolifically and are quite easy to grow. They will do o outside in a warm, sheltered spot. Fruits are mild to medium heat, around 5,000SHU. The flavour is akin to the green version of the Jalapeño, but a little sweeter.
  • Cayenne - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    Cayennes are the classic chilli - the colour and shape you'd probably go for if you were asked to draw a chilli; long, red, tapered pods. Cayenne is the capital of French Guiana in Southern America and that's where these chillies originate. Today, there are literally hundreds of Cayenne hybrids around the world. They are easy to grow, quite cold tolerant and have good heat and flavour. A stalwart in the greenhouse or sheltered patio. Around 30,000SHU. Fast to fruit (60 days from transplant).
  • Aji Lemon Drop - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum baccatum
    Hailing from Peru, where it is known as Kellu Uchu, this is one of the world's most distinctive pods. These chillies are of the Baccatum species and plants grow tall and vine-like, reaching around a metre in height in the right sized pot. They are becoming increasingly popular for their prolific production of intense yellow, crumpled conical pods.

    Their qualities are quite unique, with a sharp heat and an intense lemon flavour, great for many dishes and good to experiment with. Their heat is around 30,000-50,000 Scoville Units. An all round winner. Fast to fruit (70 days from transplant).
  • Facing Heaven: Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    Beautiful little plants that hold their little bunches of pods aloft to the sky; the habit from which they get their name. Facing Heaven are a Chinese variety with a medium heat and a very fragrant, citrusy flavor. In China, they are often used in their dried form but are just as good, if not nicer, fresh. A great addition to your greenhouse if you like East Asian stir fries or Szechuan style food.
    chef’s,ornamental,outdoor,new for 2017
  • Bangalore Torpedo: Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    A super variety of Indian Finger chilli. Torpedos are fairly easy to grow so you should get an abundant crop of fairly hot Cayenne type chillies. Pods start out a beautiful bright lime colour, slowly ripening to a deep red, growing long and slightly crumpled and hot enough to cause quite an explosion. An essential addition to your collection if you like a freshly made Indian curry.
    chef’s,greenhouse,easygrow,new for 2017
  • Piri Piri: Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum frutescen
    One of the world’s classic chillies, in fact one of the world’s favourite flavours! Piri Piri, or African Birdseye, plants have grown feral around their native South African and Mozambique. The sharp searing taste of makes a great accompaniment for chicken and fish dishes. The name is actually of Portuguese origin, given by the conquering nation of the 16th Century who popularised the chilli in Europe.
    chef’s,greenhouse,hot,new for 2017
  • Tabasco - Plug £2.25- Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum frutescen
    Given a large enough pot and a little sunshine, Tabasco plants can grow up to a metre tall. They are prolific producers of explosive little pods with a distinctive flavour. Tabasco chillies originate in Mexico but they have obviously been made famous by the Louisiana hot sauce they give their name to.

    Attractive branching plants produce an a bundance of little pods that ripen from yellow to orange and finally red. A classic chilli measuring 30-50,000SHU.
  • Chi Chien - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    A striking Chinese cayenne-type chilli that produces medium-sized pods held aloft of the plant. It is planted for its culinary prowess; pods are pretty hot at 70,000SHU as well as thin walled and juicy. They dry very well, retaining much of their bright colour. Chi Chien are also favoured for their ornamental qualities as they are attractive plants with bright red pods.
  • Rocoto Roja: Plug £2.25 - Plant £3.75

    Capsicum pubescens
    Large, extremely pungent chillies with distinctive black seeds from the Peruvian Andes. They are sometimes known as Manzano, or 'apple' because of their shape. Rocotos can be more difficult to germinate than other chillies, but are remarkably cold-tolerant once they get going.

    They have a very distinctive hairy foliage and are quite large plants. There are numerous varieties of Rocotos, these are quite large fruited red chillies that are amongst the world's hottest chillies at around 150,000ScU.
  • Pimiento de Padron - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    The Russian Roulette of chillies as the plant produces capsaicin, but not evenly through its chillies. That means that most chllies are mild or completely without heat, but 1 out of every 5 nor 10 will blow you away!

    Pimiento de Padron are a Spanish Tapas chilli and make a great, fun dish for parties. Simply flash fry them in a hot frying pan and dress with olive oil and salt. Pimiento de Padron are very easy to grow and quite prolific. They grow well in a sheltered spot outdoors, even in the North of England. A weird and wonderful chilli! Fast to fruit (70 days from transplant).
  • Takanotsume - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    Beautiful Japanese variety that grows attractive bunches of red chillies, held aloft of the plants. Sometimes known as Poinsettia for its likeness to the Christmas flowering plant. A really lovely ornamental plant that produces tasty fruits too. Hot chillies, fast to fruit and very productive. Fast to fruit (65 days from transplant).
  • Superhot Thai - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    A wonderful compact chilli that produces an abundance of juicy, thin walled Thai chillies. A compact variety, these chillies will do well in a greenhouse or in a pot on a shattered patio. Can produce 200-300 pods over the course of the season. 30,000-50,000SHU.
  • Bolivian Rainbow - Plugs £2.25, Plants £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    The gorgeous Bolivian Rainbow Chilli produces berry-like pods in rainbow colours on delicate plants with yellow, red and purple fruits visible on the plant at the same time. They are eager to grow and fruit and will do well on a sunny, sheltered patio. The chillies have some considerable heat and are grown as much for cooking as for display in their native Bolivia. A stunning plant. Fast to fruit.
  • Aji Omnicolour - Plugs £2.25, Plants £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    Beautiful branching plants with deep green foliage and a myriad of rainbow bullet fruits. Plants are fast to fruit and produce an abundance of hot pods that start out a milky white before ripening though purple, orange and red. A joy to watch grow and a boon in the kitchen! The plants have a branching, trailing habit that would make them perfect for a hanging basket.
  • Orozco - Plugs £2.25, Plants £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    Highly ornamental heirloom from Eastern Europe. Orozco has dark stems and foliage and hot little upright fruits that start out green then turn through a spectrum of colours from purple to orange and red. A lovely patio chilli with edible chillies of mild to medium heat.
  • Fish Pepper - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    An edible ornamental variety with unusual foliage and pods and an even more unusual name! The Fish Pepper comes to us from America, but its origins are African. The chilli was taken across the Atlantic on slave ships of the nineteenth century, a condiment used to spice up fish dishes, presumably used in the cooking of salt cod that was fed to America's slave population.

    Pods are quite variable in heat, ranging from 5,000SHU to 30,000. They have a sweet flavour that is quite distinctive. Plants have a variegated foliage and pods are striped cream and green as they develop, ripening through orange and rust stripes to red.
  • Red Cap Mushroom Chilli: Plug £2.50 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum annuum
    A stunning oddity of a chilli plant, an heirloom variety that produces red hot chillies the size of a golf ball. They are crumpled pods that resemble an upside-down mushroom. Plants grow quite large are prolific fruiters, producing several kilos of chillies over the season. A fast and easy to grow variety.
  • Bishop’s Crown: Plug £2.50 - Plant - £3.75

    Capsicum baccatum
    One of the stranger shaped chillies, the Bishop’s Crown produces tai-lobed pods that resemble a bishop’s hat. Belonging to the species Capsicum baccatum, the pods grown on sprawling vine-like plants. Chillies are exceptionally tangy and fruit, so often used for hot pickles and salsas.

    The heat is akin to that of a Jalapeño, around 5,000-10,000SHU. These odd chillies are a delight to watch grow and a wonderful addition to any chilli lover’s kitchen.
  • Zimbabwe Black, Plug £2.50 - Plant - £4.50

    Capsicum annuum
    Highly ornamental plants with their dark green foliage, veined and tipped with deep purple. Little bird-type chillies in dark purple to black are born all over the plant. Hot little chillies!
    ornamental,outdoor,new for 2017
  • Brazilian Starfish: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    Capsicum baccatum
    As weird looking as it is sounding! Little starfish shaped pods grow on baccatum plants, with their characteristic vine-like habit. Plants grow quite large and are slow to fruit but will reward you with a bountiful harvest at the end of the season. A rightly popular chilli!
    weird,new for 2017,greenhouse
  • Carolina Reaper: Plug £2.60 - Plant £4.60

    Capsicum chinense
    Current holder of the Guinness Book of Records title for World's Hottest Chilli. As of December 2013, the Carolina Reaper is officially the hottest. Bred by Ed Currie of the Pukkerbutt Pepper Company in South Carolina, the Reaper is reputedly a cross between a Pakastani Naga and a Red Habanero from the Caribbean island of St Vincent. It has a nice fruity flavour coupled with insane heat levels.

    The Reaper looks mean and it definitely bites! It resembles like a Moruga with the tail of a Scorpion. The chilli has tested highs of 2.2 million with an average Scoville rating recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as 1,569,300SHU. You'll find that one pod goes quite a long way! Be careful ….
  • Chocolate Carolina Reaper: Plug £2.60 - Plant £4.60

    Capsicum chinense - New for 2017!
    This gorgeous Chocolate coloured variant of the Carolina Reaper chilli is rumoured to be even hotter than its’ red cousin. Chocolate varieties often push the boundaries!

    It certainly looks the part with its evil looking pimpled skin and scorpion kick of a tail. Like many chocolate varieties, the flavour is more intense than the original red with definite smokey undertones.

    Grow a plant and find out for yourself!
  • Moruga Scorpion: Plug £2.50 - Plant - £4.50

    Capsicum chinense
    The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion has produced pods recorded at over two million Scoville Units. The chilli is a hybrid with two Trinidadian parents; the Moruga and the Trinidad Scorpion. It was Top of the Hots in the Chilli Pepper Institute 2011 Trials, both for the hottest single pod and the highest mean average.

    Plants are relatively easy to grow and produce a good number of large, rounded, pimpled pods but you will need a greenhouse, conservatory or sunny windowsill is needed for this plant.
  • Moruga Brainstrain: Plug £2.50 - Plant - £4.50

    Capsicum chinense
    The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion has produced pods recorded at over two million Scoville Units. The chilli is a hybrid with two Trinidadian parents; the Moruga and the Trinidad Scorpion. It was Top of the Hots in the Chilli Pepper Institute 2011 Trials, both for the hottest single pod and the highest mean average.

    Plants are relatively easy to grow and produce a good number of large, rounded, pimpled pods but you will need a greenhouse, conservatory or sunny windowsill is needed for this plant.
  • Black Naga: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    Capsicum chinense New for 2017!
    The deep dark Naga…. Actually a very dark brown but you won't be quibbling about that when you see the giant superheats develop on your plants! Black Nagas are related to the King Naga or Raja Mirch, the largest of this Bangladeshi family of chillies. They are not quite as hot as their close cousin, the Bhut Jolokia, at 700-800,000 Scoville Units, but what they lack in heat, they make up for in weight and numbers.
    extreme,greenhouse,new for 2017
  • Chocolate Douglah: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    Capsicum chinense
    This gorgeous-looking, rich chocolate chilli has a very smokey flavour and an intense sharp heat. It is a variety of Seven Pot, coming from the Caribbean island of Trinidad where it's name is local slang for ‘mixed race’.

    It's high up on the Chilli Pepper Institute's Hot List. They tested pods for the highest heat, lowest heat and mean average. Whilst the Moruga Scorpion produced a hotter pod than the Douglah, the Chocolate Douglah was the consistently hottest chilli, with its coolest pod coming in at 923,889 Scoville units compared to the Moruga's 580,198. So this chilli is a good bed for a consistently hot pod with a unique flavour. Looks pretty cool growing in the greenhouse too!
  • Red Seven Pot: Plug £2.50 - Plant - £4.50

    Capsicum chinense
    The Trinidad Seven Pot is a chilli of mythical proportions. Its name comes from its intense heat and flavour, one pod being reputedly enough to spice up a whole week of meals! Seven Pots are characterised by a sharp heat and an intense fruity flavour. These are not chillies that are frequently found in the markets of the Caribbean, you really have to seek them out homegrown in the countryside of Trinidad.

    It is no surprise then that this chilli features in one of our Record Breaker Trios, coming in a cool third place in the Chilli Pepper Institute's heat trials for its mean heat of 1,006,882SHU and a high of 1,291,800.
  • Yellow Seven Pot: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    Capsicum chinense
    The Yellow Seven Pot is quite a rare chilli so you could be one of the first in the country to try this superhot pod! The Seven Pot, sometimes known as the Seven Pod, is one of a small collection of seriously hot pods to come out of Trinidad in recent years. The chilli apparently gets its name from being so hot that it can heat up seven pots of stew; one pod, one family one week!

    Seven Pots are characterised by a robust and extremely fruity as well as an intense burn. Yellow chilli varieties are often overlooked for their hotter red counterparts, but the Yellow Seven Pot has a much fruitier flavour, with the distinct undertones of pineapple. Beautiful, delicious and deadly hot!
  • Trinidad Scorpion: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    Capsicum chinense
    Just one look at the Scorpion tells you that this is is a mean chilli. From its Habanero-shaped top to the kick of its scorpion tail, this chilli means business. Originating in Trinidad, the chilli has a fruity flavour, coupled with a tremendous heat. The Scorpion is fast earning its place as a classic in the chilli-lover's greenhouse.

    The chilli is as deadly as it looks with a heat that blasts away your taste buds, recorded well in excess of a million Scoville Units. Not one for the feint-hearted! Some strains of the Trinidad Scorpion has reached Scoville levels of nearly 1.5 million.
  • Peach Scorpion: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    Capsicum chinense
    A gorgeous peach-coloured variant of the Trinidad Scorpion. Usually the lighter coloured super hots are milder in heat and fruitier in flavour than the red and chocolate variants; not so with the Peach Scorpion! This chilli can hold its own with the hottest of the hots. The flavour is quite refined with definite floral notes and a delicious sweetness.

    Pods are quite varied in shape, crumpled and contorted, mostly with a Scorpion kick to the tail end. An unusual addition to the greenhouse for dedicated followers of the superhots.
  • Butch T Scorpion: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    Capsicum chinense
    Butch Taylor, the owner of a Hot Sauce company was selectively breeding Trinidad Scorpions to get the hottest possible.  What he came up with was a Scorpion with an unusually high pith content, which is where the Capsaicin is held in the pod.

    In 2012, a chilli originating in Trinidad, selectively bred in the USA and grown in Australia by the Hippy Seed Company made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the world's hottest chilli, with an insane 1,463,700 Scoville Heat Units. There it remained for nearly two years until it was toppled by the Carolina Reaper. A truly international effort! Beautiful plants with evilly hot pods that have surely earned a place in your greenhouse.
  • Bhut Jolokia Red: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    Capsicum chinense
    One time World's Hottest Chilli, the Bhut Jolokia is still much favoured by growers of super hot chillies. Reaching up to 1.4 million SHU this is certainly not a chilli to be taken lightly. The Bhut is grown as much for its flavour as its heat with its fruity taste and strong citrus tang. Bhut Jolokia originates in the Assam region of India.

    Stocky, bushy plants produce a good number of crumpled, wedge-shaped chillies that ripen from lime green to red, becoming incredibly hot as they mature. A greenhouse, conservatory or sunny windowsill is needed for this plant.
  • Chocolate Bhut Jolokia: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    Capsicum chinense
    This is a natural variant of the Bhut Jolokia that comes in a gorgeous deep chocolatey colour. No, it doesn't taste anything like the sweet snack but has a fresh flavour with a serious kick to it! Pods ripen from lime green to a gorgeous rich chocolate colour. The plant seems to produce marginally less pods than its red counterpart but some exceptionally large pods. Pods are extreme but not quite as hot as the red variant.
  • White Bhut Jolokia: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    Capsicum chinense
    A rare and rather beautiful variant of the Assamese chilli, with lovely ivory white chilli. This chilli is pure white heat, rating amongst the hottest chillies in the world. The hottest ever recorded Bhut Jolokia was nearly 1.5 million Scoville Units. This is a beautiful and highly unusual chilli for your greenhouse that is a pleasure to watch grow and develop pods.
  • Orange Habanero: Plug £2.50 - Plant - £4.25

    Capsicum chinense
    The traditional Habanero chilli is an old classic and a favourite around the world. It is amongst my personal favourites for its sharp heat and refined smooth, fruity flavour. Great for Chilli Con Carne, chicken dishes and even chilli jellies. It has a Scoville rating of up to 350,000 ScU.

    The name Habanero is Spanish for from Havana.The pepper is used in cuisine throughout the Yucatan. This popular hot pepper has fruits which are small and wrinkled, measuring 3.5-6cm long and 2.5- 4cm wide and ripen from green to light orange.
  • Red Scotch Bonnet: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.25

    Capsicum chinense
    A popular chinense type chilli with all the hallmarks of a classic pod; it is extremely hot, around 325,000SHU with a distinctive robust, fruity flavour. Put it inside a roast chicken, pop it is a stew, mash it into a sauce or purree, you can't go wrong! Scotch bonnet peppers are very similar to Habanero peppers in both appearance and heat.

    They originate in the Caribbean, taking their name from their resemblance to the hats Scottish men wear, rather than their place of origin. Scotch Bonnets are now readily available in the shops, but try one fresh off the plant and see the difference in taste!
  • Goronong: Plug £2.40 - Plant £4.25

    Capsicum chinense
    A rare and wonderfully spiced chilli from Malaysia. The unusual pods ripen from lime green to sunshine yellow becoming twisted, crumpled and contorted as they grow. Goronong are relatives of the Habanero and have a similar searing heat but a lighter flavor.
    hot,greenhouse,weird,new for 2017
  • Ecuadorian Devil's Breath: Plug £2.40 - Plant £4.25

    Capsicum chinense
    This Central American heirloom variety is Equador’s finest and hottest chilli. It produces large pods with a thick flesh. The Devil’s Breath is less pungent than a Habanero at around 200,00 but this chilli is also grown for its thick fleshy-walled that deliver a big hit of fresh, fruity flavor. The pods are as beguiling as it sounds, not that you need any reason to grow this chilli other than its fabulous name!
    hot,greenhouse,new for 2017
  • Chocolate Habanero: Plug £2.40 - Plant £4.25

    Capsicum chinese
    This pepper has little to do with the sweet treat we associate chocolate with, save for the rich colour of its skin. The Chocolate Habanero pepper packs a punch far spicier than regular Habanero, with 425,000 Scoville units in each pepper.

    Chocolate Habanero, also known as brown or black Habanero and also the Congo Black, take a bit longer to cultivate, but the growers patience is rewarded with a searing hot pepper that is the spiciest variety of Habanero.
  • White Habanero: Plug £2.40 - Plant £4.25

    Capsicum chinese
    These plants are well suited to growing in the UK, smaller plants producing prolific numbers of little whitish coloured pods, no more than a couple of centimetres in size.

    They produce the pods very quickly and are the first of the chinense varieties to fruit. Plants can be a little untidy in shape but more than make up for this with their produce. There a couple of varieties of white habanero, these are the Peruvian variety.
  • Fatalii: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.25

    Capsicum chinese
    Fatalii is a seriously hot Habanero relative from the Central African Republic. Chillies are little wrinkled wedges in a gorgeous golden colour that imparts its colour and rich, citrusy flavour into food. These are seriously hot chillies at 350,000ScU - not for nothing are they called Fatalii!
  • Antillias Caribbean: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.25

    Capsicum chinese
    Red fruiting Scotch Bonnet with quite large globular shaped fruits, 5 x 3 cms. Used for cooking and ideal for sauces. Extremely pungent and strong aroma.

    This is a pretty hot chilli, packing a punch at 300,00 scoville units in fruits about 2 inches in length which start out a brilliant lime green, maturing through orange to red. Fruits are borne on a medium sized plant, around 70cm to 90cm with a very open habit.
  • Paper Lantern: Plug £2.40 - Plant £4.25

    Capsicum chinese
    Paper lantern chillies are beautifully ornamental plants with their bushy habit and myriad of clusters of emerald green, crumpled teardrop chilli pods. As chillies mature, their colour turns to a rich, blood red that appears to glow in the sunlight.

    Don’t be fooled by their pretty appearance, these chillies are amongst the hottest Habaneros in the world at 450,000ScU!
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