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Pick your Own Chefs’ Chilli Plants & Plugs

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This selection includes chillies from the hotter end of the scale. Many variants of Habaneros from across the world and a few other explosive surprises. These will add a little tropical fire to your greenhouse.

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  • Pusa Jwala - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Pusa Jwala are medium sized plants that produce long, thin, slightly twisted and crumpled pods. They hang pendant in abundance on attractive plants. They are one of the most popular varieties of Indian Hot Pepper and are pretty hot at 30,000-50,000ScU. They are a good all rounder for Indian cooking as well as drying well.

    Pusa Jwala was one of our favourites grown last year; a very attractive plant with its delicate foliage and mass of crumpled pods that took us quite by surprise! Fast to fruit (70 days from transplant).
  • Jalapeño Early: Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    One of the world's best known and best loved chillies, with its juicy, fleshy pods and sharp heat. Great for cooking with or eating raw in salsa. The Jalapeno is a very high yielding plant, growing up to a metre under cover and producing a profusion of flowers and short, blunt, conical fruits. The chillies are often picked and used green, but will ripen through to red. 5,000ScU. Fast to fruit (60 days from transplant).
  • Jalapeno Purple: Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    A purple fruiting variant of the popular Mexican chilli. Purple Jalapeños fruit prolifically and are quite easy to grow. They will do o outside in a warm, sheltered spot. Fruits are mild to medium heat, around 5,000SHU. The flavour is akin to the green version of the Jalapeño, but a little sweeter.
  • Cayenne - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Cayennes are the classic chilli - the colour and shape you'd probably go for if you were asked to draw a chilli; long, red, tapered pods. Cayenne is the capital of French Guiana in Southern America and that's where these chillies originate. Today, there are literally hundreds of Cayenne hybrids around the world. They are easy to grow, quite cold tolerant and have good heat and flavour. A stalwart in the greenhouse or sheltered patio. Around 30,000SHU. Fast to fruit (60 days from transplant).
  • Aji Lemon Drop - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Hailing from Peru, where it is known as Kellu Uchu, this is one of the world's most distinctive pods. These chillies are of the Baccatum species and plants grow tall and vine-like, reaching around a metre in height in the right sized pot. They are becoming increasingly popular for their prolific production of intense yellow, crumpled conical pods.

    Their qualities are quite unique, with a sharp heat and an intense lemon flavour, great for many dishes and good to experiment with. Their heat is around 30,000-50,000 Scoville Units. An all round winner. Fast to fruit (70 days from transplant).
  • Aji Amarillo - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    A very popular Peruvian variety, Aji Amarillo literally translates as the 'Yellow Chilli'. These chillies are very hot with a distinctive fruity flavour, sometimes described as 'the taste of sunshine'. Plants are of the baccatum species and grow tall and vine-like. They are quite easy to grow and produce a good crop of pretty pods that start out a bright lime green and ripen to orange. A pleasure to watch develop in the greenhouse or sheltered patio.
  • Pequin - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    An extremely hot little bird type chilli that produces fiery little blunt pods. Pods can reach around 100,000SHU. Originating from North East Mexico where pods are often pickled or used in salsas and sauces. Pequin chilli plants are generally quite compact, growing up to 60cm tall in the first season but they can grow taller if successfully overwintered.
  • Aji Panca - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Aji Panca is one of Peru's most popular chillies, its name literally meaning 'the brown chilli'. Large elongated pods grow in abundance on rather sprawling plants that can grow up to 2 metres given a large enough pot and a bit of sunshine.

    Chillies are dark burgundy to black with a very strong smoky, berry-like flavour and a medium heat. Perfect for summer barbecues! In Peru, Aji Panca are often crushed into a paste before use but they will dry equally well.
  • Pasilla - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Pasilla are a widely used variety of chilli in their native Mexico. They form part of three holy trinity of Mole chillies, a deep, rich and flavoursome paste used to flavour meat dishes. Pasilla literally means 'little raisin' and when dried, the skin of the pods does have a dark, wrinkled appearance. There is nothing little about these pods though, they can reach up to a foot long; a marvel to watch grow! Pasilla have very little heat but add a rich flavour of dried fruit and liquorice to dishes.
  • Tabasco - Plug £2.25- Plant - £3.75

    Given a large enough pot and a little sunshine, Tabasco plants can grow up to a metre tall. They are prolific producers of explosive little pods with a distinctive flavour. Tabasco chillies originate in Mexico but they have obviously been made famous by the Louisiana hot sauce they give their name to.

    Attractive branching plants produce an a bundance of little pods that ripen from yellow to orange and finally red. A classic chilli measuring 30-50,000SHU.
  • Chi Chien - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    A striking Chinese cayenne-type chilli that produces medium-sized pods held aloft of the plant. It is planted for its culinary prowess; pods are pretty hot at 70,000SHU as well as thin walled and juicy. They dry very well, retaining much of their bright colour. Chi Chien are also favoured for their ornamental qualities as they are attractive plants with bright red pods.
  • Superhot Thai - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    A wonderful compact chilli that produces an abundance of juicy, thin walled Thai chillies. A compact variety, these chillies will do well in a greenhouse or in a pot on a shattered patio. Can produce 200-300 pods over the course of the season. 30,000-50,000SHU.
  • Prik Kee Noo - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    The most commonly used chilli in Thailand, Prik Kee Noo literally translates as the Mouse Poo Chilli. You'll be pleased to know that it gained its name from its similarity in shape and size to mouse droppings, and not its flavour!

    These little chillies are explosively hot and sharp in flavour, a must have for any lover of Thai and Asian food.
  • Bangalore Torpedo: Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    A super variety of Indian Finger chilli. Torpedos are fairly easy to grow so you should get an abundant crop of fairly hot Cayenne type chillies. Pods start out a beautiful bright lime colour, slowly ripening to a deep red, growing long and slightly crumpled and hot enough to cause quite an explosion. An essential addition to your collection if you like a freshly made Indian curry.
  • Facing Heaven: Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Beautiful little plants that hold their little bunches of pods aloft to the sky; the habit from which they get their name. Facing Heaven are a Chinese variety with a medium heat and a very fragrant, citrusy flavor. In China, they are often used in their dried form but are just as good, if not nicer, fresh. A great addition to your greenhouse if you like East Asian stir fries or Szechuan style food.
  • Kashmiri: Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    An essential ingredient of the Indian kitchen, Kashmiri chillies are chunky pods with deep red flesh that adds a strong colour as well as flavor and heat to food. Not to be mistaken with Byadagi chillies, which are often sold dried, labeled as Kashmiri, a more commonly grown and cheaper alternative which is just as red but not nearly as hot.
  • Bahamian Bird: Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Native to the Bahamas, this little pequin-type chilli is similar in looks and flavor to the Tabasco chilli. Although it packs quite punch, it is quite moderate compared to other Caribbean pods. The short, bushy plants are quite ornamental when covered with their myriad of yellow, orange and red pods held aloft to the sun.
  • Piri Piri: Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    One of the world’s classic chillies, in fact one of the world’s favourite flavours! Piri Piri, or African Birdseye, plants have grown feral around their native South African and Mozambique. The sharp searing taste of makes a great accompaniment for chicken and fish dishes. The name is actually of Portuguese origin, given by the conquering nation of the 16th Century who popularised the chilli in Europe.
  • Chilli de Arbol: Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Large spreading plants with bark stems give these chillies their name, the Tree Chilli, from Mexico. Pods are abundant with a distinctive earthy flavour and some quite serious, sharp heat. Chilli de Arbol pods are prized in Mexico for their deep blood red colour which remains very strong even when dried. They are often used for ristras.

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