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Pick your Own Recordbreaker Chilli Plants & Plugs

These are all plants producing pods of extreme heat from close to a million Scoville Heat Units to over 2,000,000!

We’ve included a great selection from the Caribbean and from Asia, home to the superheats of the world. All these chillies will seriously turn up the heat in your greenhouse.

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  • Carolina Reaper: Plug £2.60 - Plant £4.60

    Current holder of the Guinness Book of Records title for World's Hottest Chilli. As of December 2013, the Carolina Reaper is officially the hottest. Bred by Ed Currie of the Pukkerbutt Pepper Company in South Carolina, the Reaper is reputedly a cross between a Pakastani Naga and a Red Habanero from the Caribbean island of St Vincent. It has a nice fruity flavour coupled with insane heat levels.

    The Reaper looks mean and it definitely bites! It resembles like a Moruga with the tail of a Scorpion. The chilli has tested highs of 2.2 million with an average Scoville rating recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as 1,569,300SHU. You'll find that one pod goes quite a long way! Be careful ….
  • Moruga Scorpion: Plug £2.50 - Plant - £4.50

    The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion has produced pods recorded at over two million Scoville Units. The chilli is a hybrid with two Trinidadian parents; the Moruga and the Trinidad Scorpion. It was Top of the Hots in the Chilli Pepper Institute 2011 Trials, both for the hottest single pod and the highest mean average.

    Plants are relatively easy to grow and produce a good number of large, rounded, pimpled pods but you will need a greenhouse, conservatory or sunny windowsill is needed for this plant.
  • Brainstrain: Plug £2.50 - Plant - £4.50

    There is some considerable discussion about the origins of this plant, some claim it t be the 'brain child' of the Seven Pot, others say the plant comes from a Moruga. One thing is for certain, these Trinidadian babies are seriously hot! Golfball-sized pods have a crenelated surface that lends them the appearance of a human brain. They are among the easiest of the superheats to grow and will reward you with a good sized crop. A red hot oddity for your greenhouse!
  • Chocolate Douglah: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    This gorgeous-looking, rich chocolate chilli has a very smokey flavour and an intense sharp heat. It is a variety of Seven Pot, coming from the Caribbean island of Trinidad where it's name is local slang for ‘mixed race’.

    It's high up on the Chilli Pepper Institute's Hot List. They tested pods for the highest heat, lowest heat and mean average. Whilst the Moruga Scorpion produced a hotter pod than the Douglah, the Chocolate Douglah was the consistently hottest chilli, with its coolest pod coming in at 923,889 Scoville units compared to the Moruga's 580,198. So this chilli is a good bed for a consistently hot pod with a unique flavour. Looks pretty cool growing in the greenhouse too!
  • Red Seven Pot: Plug £2.50 - Plant - £4.50

    The Trinidad Seven Pot is a chilli of mythical proportions. Its name comes from its intense heat and flavour, one pod being reputedly enough to spice up a whole week of meals! Seven Pots are characterised by a sharp heat and an intense fruity flavour. These are not chillies that are frequently found in the markets of the Caribbean, you really have to seek them out homegrown in the countryside of Trinidad.

    It is no surprise then that this chilli features in one of our Record Breaker Trios, coming in a cool third place in the Chilli Pepper Institute's heat trials for its mean heat of 1,006,882SHU and a high of 1,291,800.
  • Yellow Seven Pot: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    The Yellow Seven Pot is quite a rare chilli so you could be one of the first in the country to try this superhot pod! The Seven Pot, sometimes known as the Seven Pod, is one of a small collection of seriously hot pods to come out of Trinidad in recent years. The chilli apparently gets its name from being so hot that it can heat up seven pots of stew; one pod, one family one week!

    Seven Pots are characterised by a robust and extremely fruity as well as an intense burn. Yellow chilli varieties are often overlooked for their hotter red counterparts, but the Yellow Seven Pot has a much fruitier flavour, with the distinct undertones of pineapple. Beautiful, delicious and deadly hot!
  • Seven Pot Bubblegum: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    The variety is a cross between a Moruga Trinidad Scorpion and a Yellow Seven Pot. It’s Scoville heat rating is a little less than both parents but still firmly in the Extreme Chilli camp, at 850,000SHU. The plants fruit heavily for a chinense variety, producing crumpled pods with characteristic dimpled surface.

    There are two theories on how the Bubblegum got its name; the first that the chilli has a slight bubblegum tang to its flavour and the second is that its unusual red calyx gives it the appearance of a fruity sweet. Don’t feed this to your kids though!
  • Trinidad Scorpion: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    Just one look at the Scorpion tells you that this is is a mean chilli. From its Habanero-shaped top to the kick of its scorpion tail, this chilli means business. Originating in Trinidad, the chilli has a fruity flavour, coupled with a tremendous heat. The Scorpion is fast earning its place as a classic in the chilli-lover's greenhouse.

    The chilli is as deadly as it looks with a heat that blasts away your taste buds, recorded well in excess of a million Scoville Units. Not one for the feint-hearted! Some strains of the Trinidad Scorpion has reached Scoville levels of nearly 1.5 million.
  • Peach Scorpion: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    A gorgeous peach-coloured variant of the Trinidad Scorpion. Usually the lighter coloured super hots are milder in heat and fruitier in flavour than the red and chocolate variants; not so with the Peach Scorpion! This chilli can hold its own with the hottest of the hots. The flavour is quite refined with definite floral notes and a delicious sweetness.

    Pods are quite varied in shape, crumpled and contorted, mostly with a Scorpion kick to the tail end. An unusual addition to the greenhouse for dedicated followers of the superhots.
  • Butch T Scorpion: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    Butch Taylor, the owner of a Hot Sauce company was selectively breeding Trinidad Scorpions to get the hottest possible.  What he came up with was a Scorpion with an unusually high pith content, which is where the Capsaicin is held in the pod.

    In 2012, a chilli originating in Trinidad, selectively bred in the USA and grown in Australia by the Hippy Seed Company made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the world's hottest chilli, with an insane 1,463,700 Scoville Heat Units. There it remained for nearly two years until it was toppled by the Carolina Reaper. A truly international effort! Beautiful plants with evilly hot pods that have surely earned a place in your greenhouse.
  • Bhut Jolokia Red: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    One time World's Hottest Chilli, the Bhut Jolokia is still much favoured by growers of super hot chillies. Reaching up to 1.4 million SHU this is certainly not a chilli to be taken lightly. The Bhut is grown as much for its flavour as its heat with its fruity taste and strong citrus tang. Bhut Jolokia originates in the Assam region of India.

    Stocky, bushy plants produce a good number of crumpled, wedge-shaped chillies that ripen from lime green to red, becoming incredibly hot as they mature. A greenhouse, conservatory or sunny windowsill is needed for this plant.
  • Chocolate Bhut Jolokia: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    This is a natural variant of the Bhut Jolokia that comes in a gorgeous deep chocolatey colour. No, it doesn't taste anything like the sweet snack but has a fresh flavour with a serious kick to it! Pods ripen from lime green to a gorgeous rich chocolate colour. The plant seems to produce marginally less pods than its red counterpart but some exceptionally large pods. Pods are extreme but not quite as hot as the red variant.
  • White Bhut Jolokia: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    A rare and rather beautiful variant of the Assamese chilli, with lovely ivory white chilli. This chilli is pure white heat, rating amongst the hottest chillies in the world. The hottest ever recorded Bhut Jolokia was nearly 1.5 million Scoville Units. This is a beautiful and highly unusual chilli for your greenhouse that is a pleasure to watch grow and develop pods.
  • 7 Pot Barrackpore: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    New for 2017!

    From the world capital of Superhot chilli, Trinidad comes this large chilli of extreme heat. The chilli gets its name, Barrakpore from its town of origin. Barrakpore is a large variant of & pot; crumpled wedge-shaped with a bit of a Scorpion tail. Something new for the lovers of extreme chillies to try.
  • Black Naga: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    New for 2017!

    The deep dark Naga…. Actually a very dark brown but you won't be quibbling about that when you see the giant superheats develop on your plants! Black Nagas are related to the King Naga or Raja Mirch, the largest of this Bangladeshi family of chillies. They are not quite as hot as their close cousin, the Bhut Jolokia, at 700-800,000 Scoville Units, but what they lack in heat, they make up for in weight and numbers.

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