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Pick your Own Weird & Wonderful Chilli Plants & Plugs

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World of Chillies pride ourselves on our great selection of Odd Pods, from Hot Ornamentals or exegetic to the utterly weird! Find something really unusual to tickle your chilli fancy!

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  • Thai Demon - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    A new variety of Thai chilli producing small uniform fruits around 3cm long. The plants are fairly small and produce an abundance of white flowers and a lovely show of tiny red fruits. Plants are well suited to a sunny windowsill. They are extremely easy to grow.

    This plant is high yielding and an excellent new variety which has greatly improved the Thai chilli type, bearing prolific flowers and fruit from just 65 days after planting. 150,000ScU.
  • Rocoto Roja: Plug £2.25 - Plant £3.75

    Large, extremely pungent chillies with distinctive black seeds from the Peruvian Andes. They are sometimes known as Manzano, or 'apple' because of their shape. Rocotos can be more difficult to germinate than other chillies, but are remarkably cold-tolerant once they get going.

    They have a very distinctive hairy foliage and are quite large plants. There are numerous varieties of Rocotos, these are quite large fruited red chillies that are amongst the world's hottest chillies at around 150,000ScU.
  • Pimiento de Padron - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    The Russian Roulette of chillies as the plant produces capsaicin, but not evenly through its chillies. That means that most chllies are mild or completely without heat, but 1 out of every 5 nor 10 will blow you away!

    Pimiento de Padron are a Spanish Tapas chilli and make a great, fun dish for parties. Simply flash fry them in a hot frying pan and dress with olive oil and salt. Pimiento de Padron are very easy to grow and quite prolific. They grow well in a sheltered spot outdoors, even in the North of England. A weird and wonderful chilli! Fast to fruit (70 days from transplant).
  • Takanotsume - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Beautiful Japanese variety that grows attractive bunches of red chillies, held aloft of the plants. Sometimes known as Poinsettia for its likeness to the Christmas flowering plant. A really lovely ornamental plant that produces tasty fruits too. Hot chillies, fast to fruit and very productive. Fast to fruit (65 days from transplant).
  • Bolivian Rainbow - Plugs £2.25, Plants £3.75

    The gorgeous Bolivian Rainbow Chilli produces berry-like pods in rainbow colours on delicate plants with yellow, red and purple fruits visible on the plant at the same time. They are eager to grow and fruit and will do well on a sunny, sheltered patio. The chillies have some considerable heat and are grown as much for cooking as for display in their native Bolivia. A stunning plant. Fast to fruit.
  • Aji Omnicolour - Plugs £2.25, Plants £3.75

    Beautiful branching plants with deep green foliage and a myriad of rainbow bullet fruits. Plants are fast to fruit and produce an abundance of hot pods that start out a milky white before ripening though purple, orange and red. A joy to watch grow and a boon in the kitchen! The plants have a branching, trailing habit that would make them perfect for a hanging basket.
  • Orozco - Plugs £2.25, Plants £3.75

    Highly ornamental heirloom from Eastern Europe. Orozco has dark stems and foliage and hot little upright fruits that start out green then turn through a spectrum of colours from purple to orange and red. A lovely patio chilli with edible chillies of mild to medium heat.
  • Fish Pepper - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    An edible ornamental variety with unusual foliage and pods and an even more unusual name! The Fish Pepper comes to us from America, but its origins are African. The chilli was taken across the Atlantic on slave ships of the nineteenth century, a condiment used to spice up fish dishes, presumably used in the cooking of salt cod that was fed to America's slave population.

    Pods are quite variable in heat, ranging from 5,000SHU to 30,000. They have a sweet flavour that is quite distinctive. Plants have a variegated foliage and pods are striped cream and green as they develop, ripening through orange and rust stripes to red.
  • Red Cap Mushroom Chilli: Plug £2.50 - Plant - £3.75

    A stunning oddity of a chilli plant, an heirloom variety that produces red hot chillies the size of a golf ball. They are crumpled pods that resemble an upside-down mushroom. Plants grow quite large are prolific fruiters, producing several kilos of chillies over the season. A fast and easy to grow variety.
  • Bishop’s Crown: Plug £2.50 - Plant - £3.75

    One of the stranger shaped chillies, the Bishop’s Crown produces tai-lobed pods that resemble a bishop’s hat. Belonging to the species Capsicum baccatum, the pods grown on sprawling vine-like plants. Chillies are exceptionally tangy and fruit, so often used for hot pickles and salsas.

    The heat is akin to that of a Jalapeño, around 5,000-10,000SHU. These odd chillies are a delight to watch grow and a wonderful addition to any chilli lover’s kitchen.
  • The Psycho Worm: Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    Aribibi Gusano literally translates as the ‘Psycho Worm’, it’s wriggly little body resembling that of a worm, its psychotic heat released immediately when bitten into. Although it doesn’t look like it, the Aribibi is in actual fact a chinense type chilli, very hot, fresh and fruity. Plants grow with an umbrella habit with al;l the pods hanging down from its upper spread of branches. The Psycho Worm makes for a beautiful oddity for the greenhouse, producing something a little special for the kitchen too.
  • Brazilian Starfish: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.50

    As weird looking as it is sounding! Little starfish shaped pods grow on baccatum plants, with their characteristic vine-like habit. Plants grow quite large and are slow to fruit but will reward you with a bountiful harvest at the end of the season. A rightly popular chilli!

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Weird & Wonderful Plant Trio £10.95

Weird & Strange Chillies
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Hot favourite odd pods include Pimento de Padron, Mushroom Red & Rocoto.
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Hot Ornamental Plant Trio £10.95

Gorgeous Beautiful Chillies
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The hottest of ornamental chillies, includes Bolivian Rainbow, Aji Omnicolour & Thai Demon.
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Weird & Wonderful Plug Collection

Six Plugs
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Grow the on yourself and twice to heat for your money. Includes plug versions of the Hot Ornamentals & Weird & Wonderful plant collections.
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