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Pick your Own World’s Hottest Chilli Plants & Plugs

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This selection includes chillies from the hotter end of the scale. Many variants of Habaneros from across the world and a few other explosive surprises. These will add a little tropical fire to your greenhouse.

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  • Jamaican Hot - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    This attractive crumple-podded chilli is actually an annuum variety that packs a punch similar to a Habanero or Scotch Bonnet. The pods are thin walled and very juicy, with a very distinctive apricot and citrus flavour. Great for Caribbean cuisine or just adding a large slug of heat and flavour to fish or chicken dishes.

    Jamaican Hot is a relatively compact plant with attractive branching habit. Pods ripen from lime green to red. An unusual chilli plant with many things going for it.
  • Chiltepin - Plug £2.25 - Plant - £3.75

    The mother of all chillies; the original and some say still the best. Chiltepin is the earliest recorded chilli and it still grows wild around the deserts of Texas and New Mexico. Plants can grow quite large and later in the season become covered with small, round and highly explosive little pods. Chillies measure somewhere in the region of 250,000 Scoville Heat Units.
  • Orange Habanero: Plug £2.50 - Plant - £4.25

    The traditional Habanero chilli is an old classic and a favourite around the world. It is amongst my personal favourites for its sharp heat and refined smooth, fruity flavour. Great for Chilli Con Carne, chicken dishes and even chilli jellies. It has a Scoville rating of up to 350,000 ScU.

    The name Habanero is Spanish for from Havana.The pepper is used in cuisine throughout the Yucatan. This popular hot pepper has fruits which are small and wrinkled, measuring 3.5-6cm long and 2.5- 4cm wide and ripen from green to light orange.
  • Red Scotch Bonnet: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.25

    A popular chinense type chilli with all the hallmarks of a classic pod; it is extremely hot, around 325,000SHU with a distinctive robust, fruity flavour. Put it inside a roast chicken, pop it is a stew, mash it into a sauce or purree, you can't go wrong! Scotch bonnet peppers are very similar to Habanero peppers in both appearance and heat.

    They originate in the Caribbean, taking their name from their resemblance to the hats Scottish men wear, rather than their place of origin. Scotch Bonnets are now readily available in the shops, but try one fresh off the plant and see the difference in taste!
  • Chocolate Habanero: Plug £2.40 - Plant £4.25

    This pepper has little to do with the sweet treat we associate chocolate with, save for the rich colour of its skin. The Chocolate Habanero pepper packs a punch far spicier than regular Habanero, with 425,000 Scoville units in each pepper.

    Chocolate Habanero, also known as brown or black Habanero and also the Congo Black, take a bit longer to cultivate, but the growers patience is rewarded with a searing hot pepper that is the spiciest variety of Habanero.
  • White Habanero: Plug £2.40 - Plant £4.25

    These plants are well suited to growing in the UK, smaller plants producing prolific numbers of little whitish coloured pods, no more than a couple of centimetres in size.

    They produce the pods very quickly and are the first of the chinense varieties to fruit. Plants can be a little untidy in shape but more than make up for this with their produce. There a couple of varieties of white habanero, these are the Peruvian variety.
  • Fatalii: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.25

    Fatalii is a seriously hot Habanero relative from the Central African Republic. Chillies are little wrinkled wedges in a gorgeous golden colour that imparts its colour and rich, citrusy flavour into food. These are seriously hot chillies at 350,000ScU - not for nothing are they called Fatalii!
  • Antillias Caribbean: Plug £2.50 - Plant £4.25

    Red fruiting Scotch Bonnet with quite large globular shaped fruits, 5 x 3 cms. Used for cooking and ideal for sauces. Extremely pungent and strong aroma.

    This is a pretty hot chilli, packing a punch at 300,00 scoville units in fruits about 2 inches in length which start out a brilliant lime green, maturing through orange to red. Fruits are borne on a medium sized plant, around 70cm to 90cm with a very open habit.
  • Burkina Yellow: Plug £2.40 - Plant £4.25

    Bright golden orbs with a hot and fresh sunny flavour! This chinense chilli is an African variety of Scotch Bonnet, smoother skinned that the Caribbean Bonnets and ripening to an intense golden yellow. The Burkina has all the heat and fruity flavor of the Scotch Bonnet but is more productive. A pleasure to watch grow in the greenhouse!
  • Paper Lantern: Plug £2.40 - Plant £4.25

    Paper lantern chillies are beautifully ornamental plants with their bushy habit and myriad of clusters of emerald green, crumpled teardrop chilli pods. As chillies mature, their colour turns to a rich, blood red that appears to glow in the sunlight.

    Don’t be fooled by their pretty appearance, these chillies are amongst the hottest Habaneros in the world at 450,000ScU!
  • Ecuadorian Devil's Breath: Plug £2.40 - Plant £4.25

    This Central American heirloom variety is Equador’s finest and hottest chilli. It produces large pods with a thick flesh. The Devil’s Breath is less pungent than a Habanero at around 200,00 but this chilli is also grown for its thick fleshy-walled that deliver a big hit of fresh, fruity flavor. The pods are as beguiling as it sounds, not that you need any reason to grow this chilli other than its fabulous name!
  • Goronong: Plug £2.40 - Plant £4.25

    A rare and wonderfully spiced chilli from Malaysia. The unusual pods ripen from lime green to sunshine yellow becoming twisted, crumpled and contorted as they grow. Goronong are relatives of the Habanero and have a similar searing heat but a lighter flavor.

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World's Hottest Plant Trio 1 £11.95

Three Hot World Favourites
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Three favourite World’s Hottest Chilli Plants. All searingly hot, juicy and fruity. Scotch Bonnet, Orange Habanero
& Fatalii.
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World's Hottest Plant Trio 2 £11.95

Lesser Known Hot Chillies
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A great collection of hot chinense plants for your greenhouse. Chocolate Habanero, Jamaican Hot
& Paper Lantern
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World’s Hottest Chillies Plug Collection £11.95

6 Hot Plugs
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6 plug size chilli plants of both World’s Hottest Chillies Plant Collection. Grow them on yourself and get twice as many!
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