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Hot Chilli Mugs - £4.95 (£7.95 pair)

New Mugs, New Designs; enhance your drinking experience

World of Chillies is pleased to announce our extended range of mugs. We have a new supplier producing 10oz mugs on a fine, bright white ceramic.

A great gift that really does last. Individual mugs come gift wrapped in their own cardboard box.

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The Record Breaker Mug features bold pop-art of 6 of the World's Hottest Chillies. Red Savina, Bhut Jolokia, Naga Morich, Naga Viper, Butch T Scorpion and Morouga Trinidad Scorpion.
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World's Favourite Chillies Mug features bold pop-art of 7 of the world's favourite chillies including Jalapeño, Chocolate Habanero, Aji Amarillo, Thai Demon, African Bird, Cayenne & Chiltepin.

Chillimals Mugs

All new Chillimals Mugs … Is it a pod? Is it a mouse? Is it a sloth or a snake? Yes, all of the above; animated chillies, brought to life with these lovely cartoons. £4.95 (£7.95 pair)
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The red Chillimals mug sports the 'Slow but Deadly Sloth T', as a Butch T Scorpion transmogrifies into a tree climbing sloth. Slithering across the back of the mug, a wide-eyed 'Cayenaconda, Leaves its victims gasping for breath'.
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A Jalepouse scampers across one side of the green Chillimals mug, watch out, it gives a nasty nip! The world's hottest reptile, the Nagamelion plods across the other side of the mug.

Art Deco Style Chilli Tree Mugs

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Bold shapes of bright chilli trees in a modern style characterise these Art Deco style Chilli Tree mugs. A beautiful new design.
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Green Jalapeño Tree Bold and beautiful mug design featuring squared trees of green Jalapeño chillies

Red Cayenne Tree Lush pointed Cayennes hang from the round trees. Bright and eye-catching.

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