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Ultimate Heat Hamper £31.95

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The ultimate gift for the serious chilli head, packed full of extreme heat goodies! Includes snacks, sauces and Record-breaking hot chillies!

Classic Chilli Hamper £24.95

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This hamper proves that you don’t need to blow your head off to get a great chilli fix! Mild to Wild snacks, sauces and chillies from across the globe.

Mexican Chefs Hamper £27.95

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The Maxi Mex includes everything you need to get started with hot and aromatic Mexican cooking! Perfect for the enthusiastic chef!

The Little Hottie Hamper £21.95

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A little goes a long way with these extreme chilli sauces and snacks. Definitely not for the feint-hearted, this is a gift for the experienced chilli head!

Junior Classic Hamper £19.95

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This neat little case of chilli goodies, presenting some of the world’s favourite chilli flavours. Something to read, cook with and eat straight away!

Midi Mex Chilli Hamper £19.95

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Get to grips with the hot and aromatic flavours of Mexico, the motherland of chillies. This great smart magetic clasp case will get you started.

The Dark Arts Wood Gift Box £14.95

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These laser engraved wooden gift boxes are one of the finest gifts for any chilli head! The stunning box is matched by its contents, Pyscho Juice Sauce and Pyscho Nuts!

Psycho Juice Gift Box from £14.95

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Chilli Sauce Gift Box for the lover of seriously hot chillies. Beautifully packaged and ready to blow your mind!

Psycho Drops Killer Million £9.95

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Dr Burnorium’s Psycho Drops are an extreme heat chilli extract, add a tiny drop to your food or sauces and crank up the heat!

Reaper Gift Tin £4.95

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A great little stocking filler for the superhots-lover! Screw-top aluminium tin with 8g of the World’s Hottest Chilli, the Carolina Reaper.

The Reaper’s Bullet £4.95

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A keyring pod with a vial of Carolina Reaper powder. A pinch of the world’s hottest chilli in your pocket!

Firecracker Truffles £5.95

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These great Christmas Crackers include some super cracker gifts, a packet of divine Montezuma’s Revenge Chilli, Lime and Tequila Truffles.

Seed Stater Kit £9.95

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A stylish little starter kit for chilli growers. Includes a seed collection, coir pellets, mini-feed bottle and all the Little Book of Chillies to ensure success!

Super Grow Kit £9.95

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A great little kit to ensure success with growing chillies. Add a plant voucher or grow your own from seed. The gift that keeps on giving all year round!

Seed to Plate Kit £17.95

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Delight any gardener or chilli grower with this complete Seed to Plate Grow Kit, including everything you need to grow super hot chillies from seed.

Experiment with Extreme Chillies £24.95

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The Elemental Gift for lovers of superhot chillies! Rack up the Recordbreakers in these beautiful glass test tubes, a stunning addition for any kitchen worktop!

Experiment with Chefs' Chillies £19.95

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The world of chillies neatly packaged into six glass test tubes, an exquisite gift for any experimental chef. A chilli for every occasion at hand on your kitchen worktop!

Experiment with Chillies Refills from £2

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Refill your own Experiment with Chillies kits, with single packs or the full set of six for each kit.

Chefs Sauces Gift Set £13.95

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Tickle the tastebuds of any chilli connoisseur with this gift set of chilli sauces. Includes three of the world’s favourite chillies, Habanero, Piri Piri and smoked Chipotle and the Little Book of Chillies.

PYO Sauces Gift Set from £12.95

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Tailor your own gift set with the Pick Your Own Sauce set. Just add any three bottles from the sauces page to this gift box and book set.

Extreme Sauces Gift Pack £15.95

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This triple gift set of chilli sauces will spoil the devotee of superhot chillies. Sauces are based on the last three World’s Hottest Chillies! Includes the Little Book of Chillies.

Chilli Head T-Shirt £11.95

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Get into the chilli lover’s headspace with this neat t-shirt. A wry modern take on the Victorian phrenological head. A stylish gift for those with chillies on the brain!

Chilli Books from £7.95

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A delightful range of chilli literature. We have a chilli book for every occasion; grow chillies, cook chillies, understand chillies and live chillies!

Plant Vouchers from £11.95

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The chilli plant gift that lasts all year round; we’ll send out the book and voucher now . Our super early-start plants will dispatch in March.

Sweet Heat from £2.75

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Sweet heat from mild to absolutely wild! More than just novelty gifts, you’ll come to love the double hit of sugar and chilli.

Chilli Chocs from £2.25

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Chilli and chocolate are a sweet sensation! Our hot chocolate bars range from mild tongue tinglers to extreme explosions, all make great stocking fillers.

Chilli Themed Mugs £4.95

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A range of hot chilli mugs for the pepperholic! Bold and beautiful designs to choose from and discounts on multiple mugs.

USB Memory Stick £2.75

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The Chilli Stick, USB memory stick comes as 16gb or 32gb. USB memory sticks have never been so hot looking!

Gift Wrapping from £2.25

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It’s a wrap! Get your hot chilli gifts wrapped before they’re sent. Gift Wrapping, Hamper Boxes and Seed Gift Boxes.

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