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Chilli Chocolate Bars from £2.50

Spice up your gifts with a few bars of chilli chocolate

mild chilli chocolate

Divine Chilli & Orange Dark Chocolate 100g

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New from Divine, this delicious Fairtrade 70 % dark chocolate bar is infused with zesty orange and laced with a fiery chilli kick.

About the Producers: Divine chocolate is made with the finest quality Fairtrade cocoa beans cultivated by the farmers of Kupa Kokoo in Ghana. Kuapa Kokoo is a co-op union of 937 village societies, representing about 40,000 farmers.

£2.25 for a 100g bar

medium chilli chocolate

Montezuma's Chocolate Bars 100g & Gift Pack

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These medium hot chocolate bars come with a Kick

This is a real pleasure for those who like the simple things in life; like chillies and chocolate. Melded together to produce a rich and warming confection, Montezuma's chocolatiers have produced a most agreeable marriage. But don't just take our word for it.

"Food Superhero, Montezuma's . . . food obsession at its best" Rick Stein

Select one of the following bars.
Dark Chocolate with Chilli
Milk Chocolate with Chilli & Lime
Culture Shock - White Chocolate with Chilli & Dragon Ginger

£2.50 per bar or Triple Trouble Gift Pack for £7.50

extreme chocolate

Grim Reaper Naga Chocolate Bars 100g

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Grim Reaper Naga Chocolate bars are beautifully packaged and make great little gifts. It's clear from the packaging and the title of these bars that they pull no punches. They are a chocolate inferno, laced with Naga chillies and a variety of other flavours.

Dark Chocolate
Experience the darker side of pleasure with this sinfully dark chocolate blended with naga chillies, lemon and geranium. Have no mercy, devour it down...all in one go. This chocolate bar is unlike any other dark chocolate, basically it is not bitter, but somewhat sweet with the essential oils.

Milk Chocolate
Innocent milk chocolate corrupted with naga chillies, orange oil, clove oil, and cinnamon, bringing you heat summoned from the deepest depths of Hell. This devilishly hot bar will test even the most seasoned of chilli lovers!

White Chocolate
Cleanse your soul and confess your sins with this precious white chocolate bar. Blended with naga chillies, cocoa nibs, bergamot oil and mixed spices...Are you pure enough to enter a world of Heavenly taste?

£4.50 each or £12.50 for all 3

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