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The Classic Chilli Hamper - £25.95

This Hamper proves that you don't need to blow your head off to get a chilli fix!


The Classic Chilli Hamper is a unique gift that presents a range of hot and flavoursome products that will appeal to chefs and chilli fans.

This hamper is a culinary voyage into the exciting and diverse world of chillies.

It is packed with hot delights - something to snack on immediately, something to cook with, something to spread on your leftover turkey, something to read and something to drink your hot cocoa from!

Heatscale 6/10

The Hamper Includes

(note contents vary from image)

1 x Stylish Large Hamper Carry Case (RRP £3.50)
Extra Large Hamper in attractive matt gold with a magnetic clasp, printed with red foil. 41cm x 27cm x 9cm.

Choose one pair of the following mugs; Chillimals Mugs Pop art Chilli Mugs or New Chilli Tree Mugs (RRP £7.95)

1 x Bottle Classic Choloula Sauce(RRP £3.95)
A classic sauce Mexican sauce, popular the world over.

1 x Bottle Marie Sharps Original Habanero Sauce (RRP £3.95)
A hot and fruity sauce from Belize filled with the Queen of Chillies, the Orange Habanero.

1 x Jar Original Chilli Jam (RRP £3.95)
The original Jam that started it all. Chilli, garlic and ginger, a mainstay of most South-East Asian cuisine. A must for every kitchen, as everything from a sauce/pickle through to a marinade and base for your curries and stir fries.

1 x Jar Mrs Renfroe's Raspberry Chipotle Salsa (rrp £2.99)
It has a wonderful sweet tanginess that's balanced just right with a hint of chipotle smokiness. Makes a great marinade as well as a delicious salsa. 454g jar.

1 x Habanero Hot Pack Dried Chillies (RRP £2.25)
Quite hot and very fruity, these classic chillies are a great addition to anything from Chilli con Carne to salad dressings.

1 x Bar Montezuma' Dark Chilli Chocolate (RRP £2.50)
A 100g bar 70% Cocoa Solids chocolate with a kick of chilli. Definitely one for the grown ups to savour.

1 x Little Book Chillies (RRP £4.95)
76 page introductory guide to chillies including sections on growing, preserving and cooking with chillies. See inside the book here.

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