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The Little Hottie Hamper - £16.95

reaper text proves that you don't need to blow your head off to get a chilli fix!

Packed with World Record Breaking Chillies, extremely tasty and mind-bendingly hot!

World of Chillies Hampers have been carefully designed to include a range of quality hot goods, no cheap Hamper fillers here! Our Hamper Boxes are very classy, sturdy gloss boxes with a magnetic clasp to complete a beautifully rounded gift.

Hampers include snacks for an immediate chilli fix, sauces and chilli jams to easily heat up any meal, dried chillies, oils and spice blends for the more adventurous cook, mugs for a permanent addition to any chilli lovers pitch and the Little Book of Chillies to fill the mind and soul with the hot stuff!

The Little Hottie Hamper includes items flavoured with four chillies that featured in the Guinness Book of Records as the Word's Hottest Chilli. This Hamper should not be taken lightly!

Heatscale 10/10

The Hamper Includes

1 x Stylish Medium Hamper Carry Case (RRP £2.95)
Extra Large Hamper in attractive gold with a magnetic clasp, printed with red foil. 21cm x 19cm x 9cm.

1 x Chilli Mug (RRP £4.95)
Choose one of the following mugs; Chillimals or Pop Art or New Chilli Tree Chilli

1 x Moruga Scorpion Hot Pack (RRP £2.50)
10g pack dried Moruga Scorpion Chillies, the second hottest chilli in the world and the first to ever record a Scoville heat rating of over 2 million. Paul Bosland of there Chilli Pepper Institute says, "You take a bite. It doesn't seem so bad, and then it builds and it builds and it builds. So it is quite nasty."

1 x Bottle Naga Crush Sauce (RRP £3.95)
The Naga Bhut Jolokia - Nature's Napalm! A whopping 65% chilli pepper content gives this all natural sauce a killer heat with fresh, fresh flavour! Caution, extremely hot!!

1 x Packet Psycho Nuts(RRP £3.95)
Naga dusted peanuts for a really HOT treat! Be careful - these aren't those namby pamby "chilli flavoured" nuts you'll find in most shops, pubs and bars. These sort the men from the boys!

1 x Jar The Reaper Chilli Jam from the Chilli Jam Man (RRP £3.95)
Small but deadly jar of Carolina Reaper Chilli Jam from the award winning Chilli Jam Man

1 x Little Book Chillies (RRP £4.95)
76 page introductory guide to chillies including sections on growing, preserving and cooking with chillies. See inside the book here.

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