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The Mexican Hot Hamper - £27.95

The All New Mexican Cooking Starter Kit

The perfect gift for any budding chef, including all you need to get started with Mexican cooking. Mexican food is becoming increasingly popular in the UK but it’s hard to get started without a few Mexican store cupboard essentials.

From tacos to burritos and fajitas, Mexican food is an aromatic explosion of flavour, a fusion of indigenous Central American and European, specifically Spanish, tastes. It’s easy when you have the right ingredients and a great gift for anyone wanting to try out something new.

This lovely hamper includes all the bare essentials you need to get going including chillies, herbs and pastes. Mexican recipes can easily be found on the internet or why not add a copy of Thomasina Miers Wahaca, Mexican Food Made Easy for just £17.95 (RRP £22).

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Add Thomasina Miers Wahaca, Mexican Food made Easy Cookbook for £17.95

Mexican Chefs Hamper

1 x Stylish Large Hamper Carry Case (RRP £3.50)
Extra Large Hamper in attractive matt gold with a magnetic clasp, printed with red foil. 41cm x 27cm x 9cm.

Choose one pair of the following mugs; Chillimals Mugs Pop art Chilli Mugs or New Mexican Chilli Mugs (RRP £7.95)

1 x Habanero Hot Pack Dried Chillies 30g (RRP £2.25)
Quite hot and very fruity, these classic chillies are a great addition to anything from Chilli con Carne to salad dressings.

1 x Ancho Hot Pack Dried Chillies 30g (RRP £2.25)
The classic mild and aromatic Mexican Chilli, huge dark pods with the flavour of dried fruit.

1 x Guajillo Hot Pack Dried Chillies 30g (RRP £1.95)
Dried Mirasol chillies that you’ll find in many Mexican recipes. A tough skinned chilli with a medium heat and a deep aromatic flavour.

1 x Chilli de Arbol Hot Pack Dried Chillies 35g (RRP £2.25)
Quite hot and very fruity, these classic chillies are a great addition to anything from Chilli con Carne to salad dressings.

1 x Chipotle Hot Pack Dried Chillies 50g (RRP £2.50)
Smoked Jalapeno chillies with a very distinctive smokey flavour. European smoked pods.

1 x Tin Epizote 35g (RRP £2.95)
A wonderfully aromatic Mexican herb, also known as Pigweed. Epazote adds a great depth of flavour to your Mexican dishes.

1 x Tin Mexican Oregano 35g (RRP £2.95)
Completely unrelated to Mediterranean Oregano, but with a similar flavour. Integral to Mexican food, this herb adds aroma and sweetness.

1 x Packet Achiote Paste 100g (rrp £1.95)
It has a wonderful sweet tanginess that's balanced just right with a hint of chipotle smokiness. Makes a great marinade as well as a delicious salsa. 454g jar.

1 x Packet 12 Corn Tortilla (RRP £1.95)
Once you taste real Mexican corn Totillas, you’ll never go back to the supermarket wheat variety!

1 x Little Book Chillies (RRP £4.95)
76 page introductory guide to chillies including sections on growing, preserving and cooking with chillies. See inside the book here.

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