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Chilli Head T-Shirt - £9.95

Phrenological Chart of the Chilli Head - Know Thyself.

The perfect gift for the Chilli Head!, this is a wry modern take on a classic Victorian image. This Phrenology head depicts the chillies of the world in the different areas of the brain, instead of the original humours and qualities of humanity.

Phrenology was a pseudoscience that taught the different areas of the brain were meaningful and could be understood by feeling the skull.

The t-shirt depicts the brain of someone who seriously has chillies on the brain and is a stylish piece of kit for the chilli head in your life!

Available in three colour ways.

Black T-shirt printed with White
Red T-shirt printed with Black
Natural Cotton T-shirt printed with Black.

Printed on high quality, heavyweight, 100% cotton t-shirts in Medium, Large, Extra Large. Limited stock.

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