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Dark Arts Wood Gift Box - £12.95 - £14.95

SPECIAL OFFER - JUST £9.95 -11.95

An exquisite gift for any lover of superhot chillies

Every Dark Arts box is laser engraved, laser cut and hand finished for a stunning end result. The Dark Arts boxes are without a doubt one of the finest chilli head gifts available anywhere.

The boxes contain a bottle of extremely hot Psycho Juice sauce and a packet of Psycho Nuts, peanuts laced with Bhut Jolokia, Ghost Pepper chilli.

Choose between two fabulous boxes, either box will delight any connoisseur of extreme chillies. ;

Dark Arts Wood Box with Psycho Juice Scorpion Sauce and a packet of Psycho Nuts.

Heatscale 9/10

Dark Arts Wood Box with Extreme Psycho Ghost Pepper Sauce and a packet of Psycho Nuts.

Heatscale 9/10

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