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Extreme Sauces Gift Pack - £16.95

3 bottles of trouble and a Little Book of Chillies

Three bottles of trouble with this range of extreme sauces. There range includes three record-breaking chilli varieties that have all been the hottest chilli in the world at some point. The bottles come beautifully gift packed in corrugated kraft bottle pack, tied with raffia ribbon. With a Little Book of Chillies popped into the box, this makers a great all round gift for the lover of really hot sauce.

Heatscale 10/10

The Reaper Slingblade Hotsauce
The sauce that raised the bar for heat, made from the World’s Hottest chilli, the Carolina Reaper. Enjoy the subtle hints of chocolate and cinnamon, with floral overtones and an earthy base. (RRP £6.95)

Hotheadz Naga Crush Sauce
Also known as the Ghost Chilli, world's hottest chilli for 4 years. A whopping 65% chilli pepper content gives this all natural sauce a killer heat with fresh, fresh flavour! (RRP £3.99)

Psycho Drops 70% Trinidad Scorpion Sauce
The Hottest all natural, non-extract sauce on the market. First you get an explosion of flavour as your senses tingle with the sweet, fruity flavour engulfing your whole mouth and tongue - then the Scorpion stings! Hang on tight because you're in for one hell of a ride! This Caribbean delight is Super Hot! (RRP £4.95)

1 x Little Book Chillies
88 page introductory guide to chillies including sections on growing, preserving and cooking with chillies. See inside the book here. (RRP £7.95)

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