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Experiment with Chefs' Chillies £19.95

You'll be in your Element!


The gift that's bound to get a Positive Reaction! Why get your friend for realvites Boron old socks for Christmas when you can put something hot in their stockings?

Six glass test tubes filled with the hottest chillies in the world, in an attractive wooden test tube rack. A beautiful addition to any kitchen worktop, alongside your spices and Erbiums. Isotope any budding chef would love to Experiment with Chillies! It includes six carefully chosen crushed chillies from around the world with a range of different heats and flavours.

Includes the Little Book of Chillies
The attractive introductory guide to chillies, 88 A5 pages on how the world fell in love with chillies, growing and cooking with them. Beautiful full colour photo spreads.

Keep an Ion your test tubes and when your chillies Argon, there's no need to Sulphur, you can Periodically top them up with our
refilll packs.

Heatscale 6/10

Chillies for your experiments include;

10g Whole African Birdseye (Piri Piri)

No more Borium chicken or fish meals, just take a Piri Piri or two and pop it Tin. Sharp heat and distinctive flavour.

10g Crushed Chipotle

UK-smoked Jalapeños, a perfectly warming Curium for the winter blues. Add a rich smoky depth to stews, sauces and chilli dishes.

10g Crushed Aji Amarillo

The so-called Peruvian taste of Sunshine, these Ajis will certainly Thorium out the frosty nights. A medium heat and fruity flavour.

10g Kashmiri

The mild Indium chilli with a strong colour will make your food look good enough to eat!

10g Crushed Habanero

Hot and fruity, these Caribbean chillies are a worldwide favourite A great addition for anything from chocolate to goat Curium.

10g Whole Pequin

These little Mexican sticks of Dynamite are a real Tungsten-tingler! Pequins have a robust, nutty flavour and explosive heat.

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