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Dried Chillies - As Good as Fresh

Chillies lose none of their heat during the drying process, in fact they become 2 - 10 times hotter due to shrinkage in size. They also take on a sometimes very different flavour that can impart a rich, sweet or smoky flavour into food.

World of Chillies stocks a number of dried chillies with a sophisticated range of flavours, heat levels, shapes and sizes. All the dried chillies are offered whole as pods retain more flavour than crushed chillies.
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3 hot packs £5.95

Choose 3 Hot Packs for just £5.95. At less £2 each, you can keep one for yourself and give one to your mum as well. (limit 1 pack Record Breaker chillies)
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Record Breakers from £6.95

Four packets of Record Breaking Extreme Chillies. Select 3 or 4 of Carolina Reaper, Moruga Scorpion, Trinidad Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia. Total 30-40g
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carolina reaper from £2.50

The hottest chilli in the world, starring in the Guinness Book of Records with an average Scoville rating of 159,300. Rare whole pods. 10g-1kg
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Moruga Scorpion from £2.50

The extreme chilli with the burn that builds and builds. This chilli has recorded over 2 million Scoville Units. 10g - 1kg
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Trinidad Scorpion from £2.50

The're super hot, they're fruity but watch out, they've got a string in their tail! 10g-1kg
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bhut jolokia from £1.75

One-time World's Hottest Chilli, Bhut Jolokia is prized for its super heat levels and strong citrus flavour. 10g-1kg
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chipotle flakes from £2.25

Chipotle Morita are smoked Jalapeños, with a distinctive smoky flavour and sharp heat. 20g - 1kg
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dried ancho from £2.25

Mild, aromatic chillies with a flavour of dried fruit. Much favoured in their native Mexico. 30g - 1kg
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chilli de arbol from £2.25

The Mexican Tree Chilli with its searing heat and earthy, grassy flavour, prized for its red pods. 35g - 1kg
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dried pequin from £1.95

Little sticks of dynamite that give a short-lived explosion of heat and delicious undertones of nuttiness. 35g - 1kg
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dried kashmiri from £2.25

Mild in heat, big on flavour and colour, Kashmiri chillies are prized for their gentle warmth and blood red colouring. 40g-1kg
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habanero from £2.25

The queen of chillies from the Caribbean, with their refined, fruity flavour and searing heat. A classic amongst chillies. 30g - 1kg
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dried cascabel from £2.25

Very unusual round pods with rattling seeds. Cascabel have a mild heat and a nutty flavour. 30g - 1kg
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new mexico from £2.25

An ancient chilli grown by Pueblo Indians, mild in heat with a strong fruity, earthy flavour and blood red colouring. 40g - 1kg
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dried pasilla from £2.25

Extremely long, mild in heat, strong in their flavour of dried fruit and liquorice. One of the holy trinity of Mole chillies. 30g - 1kg
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aji amarillo from £2.25

The 'Yellow Chilli', most important ingredient of Peruvian cuisine. Described as the 'taste of sunshine'. 30g - 1kg
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thai long from £2.25

These are known in Thailand as Prik Che Fah, literally means 'chilli pointing to the sky' which describes the way they grow. 30g - 1kg
Dried chillies can simply be crumbled into food, but to really get the most out of their flavour, pods should be toasted in a medium heat frying pan or roasted in a medium oven. Place them in a bowl and cover with hot water to rehydrate before being added to food.
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