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Trinidad Morouga Scorpion

World's Hottest Chilli

Caribbean Superhot
SHU Record:

The hottest chilli ever recorded, at over 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units by the Chilli Pepper Institute in 2012.

The Morouga Trinidad Scorpion hails from the Caribbean island of the same name. It's a hybrid of the Scorpion and Morouga chillies that exceeded both parents in heat and in characteristic fruity flavour.

10 Pod Pack (80-100g) £5.95
25 Pod Pack (240-300g) £12.95
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Bhut Jolokia
World's Hottest Chilli

Indian Superhot
SHU Record:

Perhaps the best known of the super-hots, Bhut Jolokia was King of the Pods for several years, topping 1.1 million Scoville Heat Units.

Prized not only for its intense heat but for its delicious fresh citrusy flavour. Half a pod is enough to heat up a Chilli con Carne for most couples.

10 pods (80-100g) £3.95
25 pods (200-250g) £8.95
1kg pack (120+ pods) £29.95
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Butch T Trinidad Scopion
World's Hottest Chilli

Caribbean Superhot

Butch T Trinidad Scorpion were selectively bred by the American Hot Sauce manufacturer Butch Taylor. In 2012 they made it into the Guinness book of Records with a super hot pod reaching nearly 1.5 million Scoville Units.

They're hot, fresh and very fruity. Can you handle these in you Chilli Con Carne?

10 Pod Pack (80-100g) £5.95
25 Pod Pack (240-300g) £12.95
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Record Breakers

All one-time World's Hottest

Morougas, Butch Ts
& Bhut Jolokia

This pack includes the last 3 World Record Breaker Chillies. One pod of each of the hottest is plenty enough heat for a meal for most couples, so for those that would like to try a few of each of the hottest varieties, this mix bag might suit.

The Standard Pack includes 10 Pods (3 Morouga Scorpions, 3 Butch T Scorpion, 4 Bhut Jolokia). The Large Pack includes 30 Pods (9 Morouga Scorpions, 9 Butch T Trinidad Scorpion & 12 Bhut Jolokia).

10 Pod Pack (80-100g) £5.95
30 Pod Pack (240-300g) £11.95
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Scotch Bonnet

Hot & Fruity Pods

Hot Caribbean

Scotch Bonnet chillies are amongst the world's favourite pods and it's easy to see why. With good heat levels and a robust, strong fruity flavour, these little pods will liven up many meals.

Similar in flavour to the Habanero, they are used in chicken dishes and can be popped whole inside a roasting chicken to great effect.

100g pack (around 10 pods) £3.50
250g pack (around 25 pods) £6.95
1kg pack (around 100 pods) £19.95
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Pimiento de Padron

Spanish Tapas

The Russian Roulette of Spanish Tapas chillies as all of the capsaicin is concentrated in around 10-20% of the fruit. So most chillies are a tasty sweet pod but one in every 5-10 cheats you with all the heat!

Just fry in a hot frying pan with a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt.

200g pack (10-15 pods) £3.95
500g pack (around 30 pods) £7.95
* These are the record Scoville Heat measurements and there is a great deal of variety between pods and plants. Please see this article on the Superhots for details of lowest and average Scoville measurements.