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Chilli Growing kit

Healthy happy plants mean big healthy crops and you can get everything you need to satisfy your plants on this page. From growing medium to dedicated chilli feed and a range of solutions to growing problems.

For more information about growing chillies, visit the Growing Tips page. The Pests, Problems, Diseases page will help you with diagnosis of any issues you might be having with your chilli plants.
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Super Grow Kit

Everything you need to get a super crop, just add plants, pots and a little sunshine!
from £9.95
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Chilli Boost

The two part nutrient system for chilli plants. Part 1 for the growth stage, Part 2 for Flower & Fruiting.
from £2.25
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Chilli Focus

The well-known all in one dedicated feed for chilli and pepper plants. Just dilute and feed.
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Coir Bale

A great growing medium or soil conditioner for chilli plants. Prevent waterlogged compost.
from £2.95
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Coir Pellets

Coir pellets make for the best start for chilli and pepper seedlings, available in two sizes.
from £2.75
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Tried and tested soil conditioner that retains water and breaks up the compost.
from £2.95
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Epsom Salts

Magnesium Sulphate - a chilli grower's secret weapon! Prevent or cure multiple deficiencies.
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Diatomaceous Earth

AKA Fossil Shell Flour. Banish soil critters, such as Fungus Fleas, the easy, organic way.
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Bordeaux Mixture

Copper Sulphate will control a range of fungal problems, leaf diseases, bacterial issues and blight.
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