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World of Chillies has gathered together a number of the best extreme chilli snacks, sauces and other mind-blowing chilli products out there.

Please treat the hot and extreme products with caution.
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The Chilli Jam Man's Original Chilli Jam

The original Jam that started it all. Chilli, garlic and ginger, a mainstay of most South-East Asian cuisine. A must for every kitchen. just the right heat level if you just like a bit of chilli to use as everything from a sauce/pickle through to a marinade and base for your curries and stir fries. £3.99 for a 200ml Jar

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The Chilli Jam Man's Smoky Chilli Jam

Barbeque in a jar, made with Chipotle (smoked Jalapenos) and lovely hand smoked garlic which is all smoked and peeled here at Chilli Jam HQ, If you come and see us at a show we'll usually have some hot oak smoked garlic to buy. This Jam has hardly any heat and is completely addictive on cheese, pate and cold meats! £3.99 for a 200ml Jar

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The Chilli Jam Man's Bhut Jolokia Chilli Jam

Blisteringly hot. Made from the hottest commercially available chilli in the world, the Bhut Jolokia. Winner of Fiery Foods Chilli Award for 'Best Chilli Jam Sweet Chilli Sauce' & 'Best Extract Free Naga Sauce'. £3.99 for a 200ml Jar

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The Chilli Jam Man's Lime Tickle

Hot and sour heaven! If you like Lime pickle, you'll love this! It is hot, but not extreme, despite being laced with a little Bhut Jolokia Jam from the Chilli Jam Man. New to our range, we just can't resist this one. £3.99 for a 200ml Jar

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Cajohn's Carolina Reaper Salsa

2015 World Champion "X-Hot Salsa" Category at the World Hot Sauce Awards!!!

CaJohns Award Winning Salsa meets the Carolina Reaper designed with flavor and fire!
Made with Smokin Ed's Carolina Reaper chiles and the freshest ingredients, we select only the best chiles, vegetables, fruits, spices and vinegars. 

Using our unique cooking process, this salsa maintains a fresh flavor.  These salsas are great for enhancing the flavor of your chili and of course they are great with chips as well.

454g jar for £5.99

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The Chilli Jam Man's Mango Bhutney

A cool sweet Mango Chutney infused with award winning Bhut Jolokia jam from the Chilli Jam Man. Amazing as a dip, fantastic with curries, to die for with grilled meats and one of the best sticky glazes ever. Hot but not extreme. £3.99 for a 200ml Jar

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Cajohn's Trinidad Salsa

CaJohns Trinidad Scorpion salsa is made with fresh Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chillies and has that lasting burn of flavour for those who like it hot! Trinidad Moruga Scorpions were the first chilli to ever record a Scoville heat rainy of over 2,000,000.

But for the purposes of a salsa, the chillies have been mixed into a delicious garlic tomato base with Habaneros and Jalapeños. The salsa has a sweet and tangy flavour couple with a heat that builds as you eat it, allowing you to enjoy the flavour before the heat kicks in. The salsa is very hot but not obnoxiously so. A firm favourite amongst some chilli heads.

454g £5.99

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Mrs Renfroe's Ghost Pepper Salsa

The ghost pepper takes on many forms - pepper spray, hand grenades, smoke bombs and now salsa! Made from the hottest pepper in the world, our Ghost Pepper Salsa will frighten your taste buds and leave you screaming for more.

We dare you to give it a try - this Ghost Pepper Salsa is scary hot!Recognized for Product Excellence at the 2011 Scovie Awards this is the latest release from the Renfro gang in Texas.

454ml jar for £2.99

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Mrs Renfroes Raspberyy Chipotle Salsa

Rated medium on the Renfro's heat scale but it is fairly mild actually, concentrating on delicious, complex flavours rather than blow-your-head-off heat! It has a wonderful sweet tanginess that's balanced just right with a hint of chipotle smokiness. This sweet salsa with a touch of heat makes an excellent marinade for just about anything you care to grill.

454ml for £2.99

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Mrs Renfroe's Peach Salsa

Renfro's salsas have a consistency that makes them ideal for cooking with as well as dipping. They have taken great efforts to promote salsa for grilling, marinading and mixing as an extra ingredient in cooking instead of just dipping with tortilla chips.

Recipe for grilled salsa chicken on the label is a prime example. Not too sweet and just tangy enough. A mild taste treat that works well as a marinade - smooth and satisfying.

454ml jar for £2.99

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