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Chili sweets and chocolates are no longer the novelty items they started out life as, they are becoming firm favourites with many who dare to try them.
We picked a selection of the best chilli sweets and chocolates on the market, ranging from the tingle of a winter warmer to full on naga chilli hit!
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Montezuma's Dark Chocolate with Chilli

This is a real pleasure for those who like the simple things in life; like chillies and chocolate. Melded together to produce a rich and warming confection, Montezuma's chocolatiers have produced a most agreeable marriage. But don't just take our word for it. Dark Chocolate, 70% Cocoa solids and a good kick of chilli.

"Food Superhero, Montezuma's . . . food obsession at its best" Rick Stein

100g bar for £2.50

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Montezuma's Chilli & Lime Chocolate Bar

A firm favourite at World of Chillies, this bar is extremely moreish. It brings together a complex set of flavours that you wouldn't think it possible to combine. It's creamy, tangy and zesty with a delicious underlying warmth. Like other chilli chocolate, the chilli makes a little go a long way and makes it really satisfying.
100g bar for £2.50

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Montezuma's Culture Shock Chocolate Bar

This bar is one to make your tongue tingle. The white chocolate helps to sweeten and cool the ground chilli and the much-hyped Dragon ginger. White Chocolate with ginger and chilli - Dominican Republic Cocoa. A chocolate bar of a medium heat that really wakes you up!
100g bar for £2.50

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Montezuma's Triple Trouble

Makes a great gift or stocking filler or perfect if you just can't decide which Montezuma's Chilli Chocolate you'd like to try. This gift pack comes in a cellophane wrapper, hand-tied with red raffia ribbon.

1 x Awesome Award-winning Montezuma's Dark Chocolate with Chilli (100g)
1 x Equally Scrumptious Chilli & Lime Chocolate Bar (100g)
1 x Exotic Draghon Ginger and Chilli White Chocolate Bar (100g)

3 x bar pack for £7.50

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Grim Reaper Black Widow, Dark Naga Chpcolate

Experience the darker side of pleasure with this sinfully dark chocolate blended with naga chillies, lemon and geranium. Have no mercy, devour it down...all in one go. This chocolate bar is unlike any other dark chocolate, basically it is not bitter, but somewhat sweet with the essential oils.

Amazing packaging and high quality chocolate makes this an amazing gift for the chilli-head or a special treat for yourself.

100g bar for £4.50

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Grim Reaper Hellraiser, Naga Milk Chocolate

Innocent milk chocolate corrupted with naga chillies, orange oil, clove oil, and cinnamon, bringing you heat summoned from the deepest depths of Hell. This devilishly hot bar will test even the most seasoned of chilli lovers!

Amazing packaging and high quality chocolate makes this an amazing gift for the chilli-head or a special treat for yourself.

100g bar for £4.50

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Grim Reaper Purgatory, White Milk Chocolate

Cleanse your soul and confess your sins with this precious white chocolate bar. Blended with naga chillies, cocoa nibs, bergamot oil and mixed spices...Are you pure enough to enter a world of Heavenly taste?

Amazing packaging and high quality chocolate makes this an amazing gift for the chilli-head or a special treat for yourself.

100g bar for £4.50

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Triple Pack Grim Reaper Naga Chocolate

A great little gift for the chilli head with a sweet tooth or if you just can't decide which you'd like to try. All are equally devilishly hot. A beautifully packaged set of extreme chocolates.
1 x Grim Reaper Black Widow Dark Naga Chocolate (100g)
1 x Grim Reaper Hell Raiser Milk Naga Chocolate (100g)
1 x Grim Reaper Purgatory White Naga Chocolate (100g)

3 x 100g bars for £12.50

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Hot Gums

Little cayenne chilli shaped gum sweets with a capsaicin kick! When you first pop one into your mouth, you'll be mistaken in thinking it to be an ordinary gum sweet. A couple of chews will release the hot pepper kick that will certainly let you know you're awake!

These sweets will not burn the roof of your mouth off; the heat is a quick blast that is surprisingly satisfying and addictive. An unusual hot stocking filler.

120g for £2.75

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Chilli Chocolate Almonds

Truly a taste sensation, these almonds are a twist on the traditional chocolate covered nuts.

The shiny coating of milk chocolate has pretty flecks of chocolate just under the surface. Crunch through the milk chocolate coating to the almond below and the warmth of the chilli kicks in.

The chilli chocolate coating makes even one almond truly satisfying. Delicious! The chocolate nuts come attractively packaged in a Kraft Card Tetra Pack.

125g for £3.95

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Wasp Sting Hard Liquorice Sweets

Danish Wasp Sting Liquorice sweets are a delicious boiled sweet with a liquorice flavour and added chilli and salmiak. They are gelatine free. The chilli is mild, adding a lovely warmth that is reminiscent of winter warmer humbugs. They look fantastic and are very moreish.
125g for £2.95

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Hot Chilli Drinking Chocolate

A dark chilli drinking chocolate with an added kick of chilli. The When the Aztecs first concocted chocolate, it was in the form of a hot drink. In actual fact it was a fairly unpalatable mix of cocoa, maize meal and chilli.

You'll find this a great improvement with its delicious bitter dark chocolate and an underlying warmth of chilli. A fabulous winter warmer (and great with a slug of brandy in the top!)

150g gift tin for £4.50

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Satan's Spawn, The Sinister Sibling, Liquorice & Naga Gummy Bears

You thought those innocent looking little habanero gummy bears (Satan's Spawn) were evil - well check out the Sinister Sibling. The black sheep of the family? You bet! A great Naga burn and fruity licquorice flavour make these a big hit with licquorice lovers.

You've tried Satan's Spawn Habanero Gummy Bears right? Well now the Sinister Sibling is here. Licquorice & Naga Chilli Sweets.


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Satan's Spawn Evil Hot Gummy Bears

Habanero infused Gummy Bears are so addictive you'll be keeping them on your desk or by your PC. A good habanero burn with great fruit flavour. They start with a genuine gummy bear flavour and then the Habanero heat kicks in and starts to build, peaking at quite a burn before tailing off over the next few minutes.

Their producer's claim, "It's not their fault - these spiteful little Devils were just born Bad!"


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Chilli Alchemist Melliculus Carolina Reaper Popping Candy

Presented in The Chilli Alchemist's test tube, Melliculus 'Reaper' is a very hot popping candy made with with the world's hottest chilli pepper: Smokin' Ed's Carolina Reaper ®. If you can deal with the heat, the 'Reaper' pepper imparts a delicate, sweet, floral flavour....that's if you can deal with the heat!

Try it if you dare but be warned, you will get fire with your crackle... Probably the most unique chilli product I've seen in a long time! Remember "Space Dust"? Think again - this stuff is out of this world!

12g tube for £2.95

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