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The Classic Chef’s Collection - 96 seeds £6.95

most prized by chefs across the globe, growing these chillies will take you on a mouthwatering journey of world cuisine.
Seeds include the most ubiquitous chillies from Mexico, Peru, United States, Spain, India, Thailand, and China, the diversity of flavours is sure to amaze you and whomever you cook for.

From the distinctive flavour of the Jalapeno to the Russian Roulette Pimentos of Spain; from the sophisticated fruity flavours of the Habanero to the distinctive citrus Aji, this collection is all about the diversity of flavours of the world’s best loved chillies.


This Mexican classic is one of the world’s favourite chillies. Jalapenos are often picked green for the full distinctive lemon flavour and make the perfect addition to salsas, nachos and other Mexican dishes. 5000SHU. Sow in UK Feb - April

Pimento de Padron

The Russian Roulette of chillies as the plant does produce Capsaicin, but not evenly through its chillies. That means that most chillies are mild, but 1 out of every 5 will blow you away! Pimento de Padron are a Spanish Tapas chilli and make a great, fun dish for parties. Sow in UK Feb - April

Thai Hot

Produces abundant clusters of short, conical Thai chillies with a really intense flavour that are a must for any spicy Thai dishes. Thai Hot are particularly suited to pot growth and will do well on a sunny patio. 70,000SHU. Sow in UK Feb - April

Pusa Jwala

This is the most popular of all Indian Hot Peppers and it is not difficult to see why. The umbrella-shaped plants produce a heavy crop of long, wrinkly fruits that can be picked green or ripened to their full pungency. The flavour of these chillies when used really fresh makes for an appreciable difference to shop bought varieties. 40,000SHU. Sow in UK Feb - April

Cayenne Ring of Fire

Cayenne type chillies are world’s most widely used, with hundreds of varieties and hybrids around the world. Ring of Fire are easy to grow, do well outdoors, superhot and the earliest of chillies to fruit in the UK. A great all round chilli that will produce a lot of fruit. 50,000SHU. Sow in UK Feb - April


One of the most well-known chillies, the Tabasco found its fame through the Louisiana Hot Sauce. It’s distinctive flavour is intensified when chillies are still fresh. Plants have been known to grow to over a metre and produce a huge crops of little upright pods. 40,000SHU

Lemon Aji

Increasingly popular Peruvian that produces hot, lemon flavoured pods in abundance throughout the summer. Easy to grow and distinctive in flavour and colour, a sure winner! . Sow in UK Feb - April

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