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Ornamental Seed Collection - 96 seeds £7.95

Make a unique statement with your patio pots and get something for the kitchen too

This seed collection brings together chilli varieties that are highly ornamental as well as producing some hot little pods!

All the chillies in the collection will do well in pots on a warm, sunny patio although they still benefit from being propagated indoors.

From the AGM winning Numex Twilight (the best outdoor chilli according to Which Magazine) to Etna’s larval explosions and from the tiny Prairie Fire and its profusion of red, orange and yellow chillies to the tri-colour foliage and purple pods of Purple Tiger, this is a collection that is sure to impress gardeners and chefs alike.
All Chilli Seeds machine-packed (foil-sealed by DEFRA Reg Seed Packer) from 79p per packet!

Numex Twilight

Works well as both an ornamental and medium hot chilli variety. The dark foliage contrasts well with the profusion of purple flowers which give way to 2cm long tapered purple fruits, which mature through yellow and orange to red. All colours can be seen on the plant at one time giving a stunning and prolific display. Plant height reaches 45cm and is very drought resistant.


Is a spectacular-looking eruption of bright red chillies, held aloft the plant in distinct bunches. Etna is at the forefront of fairly recently bred hot and ornamental chillies from Italy. This plant is not just ornamental either, the chillies are a seriously hot at 65,000ScU. Plants are medium sized but produce a good number of chillies. Etna won a Royal Horticultural Society Award Garden Merit in their 2006 Chilli Pepper Trials.

Paper Lantern

Are beautifully ornamental plants with their bushy habit and myriad of clusters of emerald green, crumpled teardrop chilli pods. As chillies mature, their colour turns to a rich, blood red that appears to glow in the sunlight. Don’t be fooled by their pretty appearance, these chillies are amongst the hottest five chillies in the world at 450,000ScU! They do very well in pots or will grow a bit bigger in a sheltered border, going very well with the bright colours of a summer flower bed – a real twist on the Hot border!

Patio Fire

This dwarf variety of chilli is well suited to a conservatory, sunny windowsill or patio pot. It grows to just 15cm high, 30cm wide with a profusion of tiny leaves and mini chillies. It is highly attractive with its 1.5cm pointed fruits maturing from cream to orange and finally dark red, poking through the dense foliage. Chillies are not just ornamental either, they might be small but they are pretty hot, maturing in just 80 days and they just keep coming all summer. You’ll get hundreds of mini chillies from each plant. Prairie Fire won a Royal Horticultural Society Award Garden Merit in their 2006 Chilli Pepper Trials.

Bolivian Rainbow

The gorgeous Bolivian Rainbow Chilli produces berry-like pos in a a rainbow of colours. Delicate plants with deep green foliage hold aloft chillies of yellow, orange, red and purple. They are easy to grow and fruit readily, doing well on a sheltered patio. Pot size limits growth so they make a great windowsill chilli.

Filius Blue

Attractive, ornamental chilli with purple-tinged foliage that is sometimes speckled with white. Filius Blue has an Award of Garden Merit (AGM). Plants grow to about 60cm tall, making them ideal for patio pots and their shot growing season makes them a good choice for the UK. Small, ovoid chillies start out a purple-blue colour which they remain for a long time before ripening top red. Filius Blue chillies are unusual in that they lose their heat when they ripen to red. Pretty spicy chillies at 20,000-30,000ScU. Filius Blue won a Royal Horticultural Society Award Garden Merit in their 2006 Chilli Pepper Trials.

Royal Black

One of the most elegant chillies you can grow in your garden, adding a lovely oriental accent to a patio or flowerbed.  The plant is tall and bushy, with dark purple foliage that has the occasional leaf tip of white and green.  The bullet-shaped pequin pods are both flavoursome and hot, starting out a dark purple shade and ripening to bright red.

Numex Centennial

This chilli was specifically bred for small pots, highly ornamental with purple-veined foliage and a profusion of upright, purple fruits that ripen through purple, orange, yellow and red.  Originally bred in celebration of the Centennial celebrations of New Mexico University.
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