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World's Hottest Seed Collection - 96 seeds £7.95

Eight varieties of seriously Hot Chillies from around the World that showcase flavour as well as heat.

Seriously hot chillies have been chosen from the world’s most highly rated chilli-cultures including India, Thailand, Mexico, Peru, the Caribbean and southern and Central Africa.

From the Superhot crumpled pods of Bhut Jolokia to the unusual black-seeded Rocoto; from the searing citrus tang of the Fatalii to the tiny round explosion of the Chiltepin, mother of all chillies; from the hottest of Thai birdseyes to the fruity Scotch Bonnet, this is a collection for the serious Connoisseur of hot chillies.

Bhut Jolokia

Rated at over a million SHU, this is one chilli that is not to be messed with. Hailing from Assam in North East India, the chilli shot to fame when it knocked the then hottest chilli in the world, the Red Savina, from its pedestal. Bhut Jolokia is as popular for its strong, citrus flavour as it is for its extreme heat. Sow in UK Jan - Early March

Trinidad Scorpion

One look at these chillies and you know that they mean business! From the rounded habanero top to the kick of their scorpion tails, these are hot mamas! Originating in the capital of extreme chillies, Trinidad, they are hot, fruity and a strain of this variety featured in the Guinness Book of Records in 2012 as the hottest pods in the world. Not for the feint-hearted. Sow in UK Jan - Early March

Habanero Mixed

Sometimes known as the King of Chillies, Habanero chillies are pods for the connoisseur with their refined flavours and searing heat. This mix includes some of the world’s favourite Habs, including classic Orange, smoky-flavoured Chocolate, Peruvian White and searing hot Mustard Habs. 350,000 – 425SHU. Sow in UK Jan - Early March

Thai Demon

A new hybrid Thai chilli producing small uniform fruits 7-8cm long. This new hybrid is extremely high yielding and an excellent new variety which has greatly improved the Thai chilli type, bearing prolific flowers and fruit from just 70 days after planting. 150,000ScU. Sow in UK Feb - April for crop this season.


Originating in the Central African Republic, the name says it all. These pointed golden pods look really serious and they do not disappoint. They impart their fresh fruity flavour, searing heat and some of their colour into food. 350SHU. Sow in UK Jan - Early March

Scotch Bonnet Mixed

One of the world’s most famous hot pods, the Scotch Bonnet is synonymous with Caribbean cuisine. They have a very distinctive flavour that is all the more intensified when picked really fresh. They gain their name from the similarity in shape to traditional Scottish hats. This is a mix of red, orange and yellow Scotch Bonnets. 325,000SHU. Sow in UK Jan - Early March


The Tepin, or Chiltepin pepper grows wild in the deserts of Texas and northern Mexico. This is believed to be the oldest variety in the world and the mother of all chillies. The tiny pea-shaped pods are prized for the instant explosion in the mouth that fades with time. 265,000SHU. Sow in UK Feb - April


An extremely hot little bird-type chilli that produces fiery little sticks of dynamite. Sequin originate in Mexico, where pods are often pickled or made into salsas, but these little pods are a good all-rounder. Attractive deep green foliage on bushy plants that will get quite large if left to grow over a few seasons. Sow in UK Feb - April

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