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Pimiento de Padron

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Brazilian Starfish

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Mushroom Red

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Aji Omnicolour

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Weird & Wonderful Chillies (six plugs) £12.95

Pre-order for Late Feb - Early March ‘18
6x weird & wonderful hot chilli plugs supplied (approx height 7-8cm)

These bizarre, weird and yet wonderful chillies are a delight to grow. They are a fascinating talking point and will also add flavour to your favourite chilli dishes. A collection that shows just how diverse chillies can be!
1 x Pimento de Padron Chilli Plug Plant
1 x Brazilian Starfish Chilli Plug Plant
1 x Mushroom Red Chilli Plug Plant
1 x Aji Omnicolour Chilli Plug Plant
1 x Takanotsume Chilli Plug Plant
1 x Orozco Chilli Plug Plant

Interesting Facts

The Weird and Wonderful Chilli collection includes some of the strangest chillies available but far from being just a novelty, they can all hold their own in the kitchen too!

Pimiento de Padron is the Russian Roulette of Spanish Tapas chillies. The plant concentrates its capsaicin in one in every five to ten pods, so most are mild and sweet but the occasion chilli blows you away! These are amongst the easiest of chillies to grow, early to flower and prolific fruiters. They will even do well outdoors.

Mushroom Red are a very pretty and unusual shaped pods, like an upside-down mushroom. They hold their own in the kitchen as well as the garden or greenhouse with very hot pods.

Brazilian Starfish produce an abundance of little star-shaped chillies. A very unusual specimen with good culinary chillies.

Aji Omnicolour are a beautiful plant, with hundreds of rainbow coloured pods covering it throughout the season. Chillies have some considerable heat, making it a great culinary chilli too. Plants have a drooping habit that would make them ideal for a hanging basket.

Orozco are an heirloom variety from Eastern Europe. The plant produces dark purple, partly variegated foliage and bright orange pods that stand out beautifully against the foliage.

Takanotsume - a delight for there garden and greenhouse. Very easy to grow, the plants are most attractive, with hands of bright red chillies held aloft of the plant.

Region of Origin - (Hybridisation)

Mushroom Red - Brazil
Pimiento de Padron - Spain
Brazilian Starfish - Brazil
Aji Omnicolour - Peru
Orozco - Hungary
Takanotsume - Japan

potting on chilli plants

These plugs are already large and will need to be potted on as soon as possible. Your chilli plugs will need to be potted on into something around an 8cm, intermediary pots, prior to being transplanted into their final pots.

Most chillies are best suited to a 5+ litre pot but be a bit flexible here for giants or dwarf varieties. You can go as much as 10+ or more for really big varieties. Use a free draining compost mix to fill the pot, make a hole and pop in the plant. If you have an ordinary compost, mix with a little grit or sand. Firm down and give a good watering.

growing on chilli plants

By this stage an unheated greenhouse should suffice. This is obviously dependent on the weather. Chillies don’t like the cold and shouldn’t be left unprotected if the temperature is going to go down below 10oC. If you are quick off the mark and have your chillies arriving in March, keep indoors or in a heated greenhouse until the risk of frost has passed.

Chilli plants do not like sitting in wet soil, so keep it moist but not over-wet. Feed with a seaweed feed or dedicated chilli feed at the suggested rate. Keep an eye out for any pests or problems. These are best dealt with early on. Prevention is obviously better than cure, so keep plants well spaced and well ventilated. Remove any dead leaves or rotting plant material.

In the summer months, hardier chillies can be placed outside in a sheltered spot or on a warm patio. Acclimatize them slowly, bringing them in at night for the first week or whenever the temperature threatens to drop. Chinense varieties prefer the shelter of a greenhouse and will not flourish outside. Use a cane to support the plants as they grow if necessary.
Pre-order for a 10% discount on our 1st dispatch of Early-start Plugs (19th Feb - 4th March ’18) & Plants (19th March - 1st April).
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