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Chipotle Whole Chillies - £2.25

Dried, smoked Jalapeños

Chipotles are smoked, dried Jalapeno chillies. The Jalapeno is a fleshy chilli that does not dry well, unless smoked in advance.

The smoking not only helps the dehydration process but has the added bonus of introducing an intense smoky flavour that combines well with the unique tangy heat of the Jalapeno.

Chipotles are a good addition to any sauces, soups and marinades. 50g Chipotle.

Heatscale 6/10
Please Note
Traditionally, these chillies are smoked with Pecan wood in Mexico but due to recent European legislation on levels of Antiquinone permissible in food products, it is no longer permissible to import Mexican Chipotle. There is a complete lack of Mexican Chipotle in the UK at present and this is likely to be ongoing.

These Chipotle are red Jalapeños that have been smoked in the UK with oak wood and have permissible levels of AQ. It is important to note that their flavour differs from Mexican chipotle but this is as close as it's going to be possible to get for some time.

In case you are concerned about previous consumption of Mexican Chipotle, you would have to eat in excess of 1.5kg of these chillies for them to have any kind of negative impact.

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