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Vermiculite Soil Conditioner - 5 Litres £2.95

Vermiculite has long been used as a soil additive and conditioner by growers. It is a very light non-toxic substance that absorbs many times its own weight in water and releases it back as plants need it.

With the water, it also absorbs and then releases nutrients so preventing their leaching from the soil with regular watering. Vermiculite breaks up compost and aerates the soil which is great for growing chillies, which hate to sit in waterlogged, compacted soil.

Sprinkles around the top of the soil, vermiculite insulates it from temperature fluctuations as well as slows down weed growth. All in all, a useful soil conditioner. Add two or three handfuls to a 7 litre pot (preferably filled with a 75% compost, 25% coir mix) and you have a chilli plant's dream medium.

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