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Chilli Boost - Black Gold!

Two Part Nutrient System for Chilli Plants - from £2.25

250ml bottle makes 125 litres of feed once diluted!

Chilli Boost is the two part nutrient system specifically designed to meet the needs of the two stages of chilli plant growth. Chilli Boost is a triple strength formula so you need only 2 ml per litre of water for a foliar feed.

World of Chillies includes a free pipette with every order of Chilli Boost so you can get the concentration just right and not waste a drop of their Black Gold!

Foliator - Stage 1

This is a completely natural product made up of a triple strength seaweed feed. As you can see from the picture, it is a thick black liquid that is packed with all the nutrients and vitamins your plants need in the early stages of growth.

Fruit Boost - Stage 2

Switch to this feed once the first flowers have set on your chilli plants. Fruit Boost is a blend of triple strength seaweed and a high potash compound liquid feed (8-8-12+TE) which is ideal for getting the best crops of chilli pods.

About Chilli Boost

Both parts of the Nutrient System are suitable for a soil feed or foliar feed and plants should be fed twice weekly. Foliar feeding enables plants to access all the nutrients very quickly and none are locked up in the soil. You will also find the feed goes a lot further. However, you must regularly feed as there are then no backup nutrients to be accessed by the roots.

Add 2ml Chilli Boost per litre cool water for a foliar feed, or for a soil feed, 2ml for seedling and young plants and 3ml for larger plants.

About Seaweed

This is a triple strength seaweed feed (36% seaweed, instead of the 12% standard market brands such as Maxicrop). Seaweed is packed full of natural minerals, vitamins, amino acids and bio-stimulants.

If used in a regular basis, you will see improved growth, stronger healthier plants and higher yields. Plants will also be more disease resistant and it will help prevent deficiencies.

Dilute and use as a foliar spray on nutrient deficient plants, usually characterised by yellowing leaves and stunted growth. You will see a noticeable improvement within a couple of days.

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