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Coir Blocks - Growing Medium or Soil Conditioner - £2.95 or £7.95 for 3
Expands to 10-11 Litres Coir

Anyone who has grown chilli plants before will tell you of their number one hate; waterlogged soil. In fact general potting compost is not a great growing medium for chillies by itself, you need something a bit more free draining.

About Coir

Coir is fast making a name for is elf as an ideal growing medium both amongst commercial and hobby growers. Coir is comprised of broken up coconut husks and is incredibly water absorbent.

It doesn't stick together, which means it make it really aerated nor does not break down or compact like peat. In short, it supports greatly improved root structures and is a substance that most plants thrive in. Perfect for chilli plants!

How to Use Coir

You can plant directly into coir, in which case we recommend a nutrient additive as the coir does not contain all the growing nutrients required. Alternatively you can add it to garden compost as a soil conditioner. This will make your compost more free draining and absorb any excess moisture, to be released when needed to plants.

An ideal mix for chilli plants would be 50% Coir to 50% compost. (Ideally throw a few handfuls of vermiculite into each pot as well). Used like this, a 10 litre bale coir is enough for three 7 litre pots (21 litres). The triple pack of coir bales is sufficient for three bucket sized pots. Your coir will be sent in a compressed block and it is important to rehydrate the coir before you add to pots or compost mix as it will expand by three or four times.

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