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Coir Pellets - from £2.75

Give Your Chilli Plants the Best Start

A self-contained growing space. Anyone who has grown chilli plants before will tell you of their number one hate; waterlogged soil. In fact general potting compost is not a great growing medium for chillies by itself, you need something a bit more free draining.

About Coir

Coir is fast making a name for is elf as an ideal growing medium both amongst commercial and hobby growers. Coir is comprised of broken up coconut husks and is incredibly water absorbent. It doesn't stick together, which means it make it really aerated nor does not break down or compact like peat. In short, it supports greatly improved root structures and is a substance that most plants thrive in. Perfect for chilli plants!

Coir Plugs

Just soak them in warm water and watch them pop up into shape. There is a small indent at the top of the plug to drop the seed into, then just just the plug a quick squeeze at the sides to cover the seed. Growing into coir plugs gives your chilli plants the best start in life and cuts own any root disturbance when your pot them on, yu just pop the whole thing into the next pot and the roots grow through the sides. Actually chillies don't really mind getting their roots disturbed too much, but it takes about a week to get back up to growing speed, so these plugs save you a week's growth.

Two Sizes of Plugs

World of Chillies have two sizes of plugs available, 30mm and 42mm. The larger plugs can sustain more growth so potting on can wait a bit longer. This is quite handy if you are starting your chillies off on a windowsill or confined heated space.

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