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Diatomaceous Earth, 250g - £2.50

Banish Soil Critters

Diatomaceous Earth is sometimes known as Fossil Shell Flour. It is a silica-like substance that has oceanic origin. It is actually make up of millions of tiny shell particles which, although it doesn't feel it to us, are razor sharp and cut into the exoskeletons of insects.

So if you have an outbreak of soil critters, such as fungus fleas that hop around the top of the soil, or ants that harvest aphids on plants, a light sprinkling of Diatomaceous Earth should get rid of them.

Pop a teaspoon into a sieve or tea strainer and gently tap into the crowns of your plants to help control whitefly or aphid infestations. These critters are now largely pesticide resistant but they hate this stuff!

Diatom is commonly used by poultry farmers to prevent and cure mite infestations, is used to treat bed bug infestations and can even be consumed safely to get rid of internal parasites (you need a special a food grade DE for this). Totally sterile and harmless, unless you are an unwanted soil critter.

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