Drying Chillies

Drying chillies: The methods, the environments, and anything in between!

What do you do with all the bushes of chillies? Sell them? Eat them? Or, preserve them? If the last option is your answer, well, don’t worry then! There are plentiful techniques to do it!
Chillies have the benefits for blood pressures. Although many people are not aware of the benefits, they keep eating chillies in many ways simply because chillies add a unique spicy taste to a dish. Almost every dishes worldwide use chillies. Imagine if you live without one! So, start preserving that home grown chillies today with these easy methods!

Let’s start with choosing which chillies to dry
The drying technique for chillies highly depends on the type of chilli. Ring of Fire dries more easily than Jalapeno. This is because Jalapeno has thicker flesh and it will take some time to dry completely. In addition, you should pick chillies that have no cuts or damages. The best way is to preserve chillies that are already mature. These kinds of chillies usually have the characteristics of vibrant colours in red or green.

The average temperature
There is an optimum temperature to make dried chillies at their best conditions. 25 degrees of Celsius is the appropriate temperature to dry chillies. Higher temperature causes brittles whilst lower temperature causes mould.

Drying chillies
Ideally, to supply your home with adequate chillies each time you cook- is to dry the harvests. There are numerous ways to dry chillies because this vegetable is very versatile. By drying the chillies, you can optimise the use of these incredible plants throughout the seasons! There are several factors to consider when drying chillies. Conditions like the weather, the level of humidity, and the airflow in your environment are highly contributed to the perfect dryness of your chillies. For instance, you can’t dry chillies naturally when your environment climate is humid. It will take a long time to make them dry (and it can get mouldy on the way!). But don’t worry! This article will cover each method in various environments that works best at your home.

1. Natural drying
If you live in a dry climate, the best way to dry chillies is to use resources from the nature like the air and the sun. Before you do anything with your chillies, you should check on the weather forecast in your area. When it is time for sunny weather, then it’s your time to take out the kitchen utensils! Slice chillies into half and throw away the seeds. Remember; always put plastic or latex gloves if you don’t want your fingers to get burned. Place them on baking trays with the cut side facing down the tray. Dry them in the sun for the whole day until the sun sets. Do it for at least 3 days in a row. When drying chillies using direct sunlight, make sure you start as early as possible to get as much lights as possible. Pick one to test if you can break the chilli apart easily. If you can do it, that means your chillies are ready to be stored in a sealed or vacuumed container.

2. Oven drying
Drying chillies using your oven requires almost the same steps as drying them naturally. Put the chillies in a baking tray and cook them. The drying time for each type of chilli is different from each other. the thicker the flesh the longer it takes to dry. However, you need to make sure that you set your timer for at least 6 hours.

3. String drying
Another alternative to dry the chillies if you don’t want to build a garden full of trays, is to hang them. Use any size of thread from nylon or polyester to tie the stalks. Tie them together tightly and hang them in a ventilated environment. You can use a fan to add ventilation as well. This drying method creates a dazzling colour of chillies along with the veins. Aesthetically, the ruby sparkles of red dried chillies can be a great addition for your Christmas decoration.

Dried chillies, when well taken care of, will have wonderful flavour- stronger than chilli powder. Make sure that you keep away from direct sun lights when you store them. A moisture tight container is the best tool to store your chillies. This is because an air tight bag may have a little air inside that will eventually contribute in the mould growth.
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