Chilli Sauce and Snack Finder

A great array of snacks, sauces, jams, jellies, pickles, salsas, spice mixes, hampers and gift packs, from the mild and flavoursome to the extreme.

Please treat extreme heat products with caution.
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Hot Sauces

splash it on, spice it up!
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Our emporium of hot sauces has a range of 30 hot sauces from around the world. Including some of the most extreme sauces available.

Jams, Pickles & Salsas

hope you get jammin’ too!
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A variety of heat chilli jams, pickles and salsas to spice up your dinner or snacks bowls. Dip in but don’t eat them all at once!

Crisps, Nuts & Snacks

spice up the snack bowl
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Hot crisps, nuts, jerky and popcorn from the mild and flavoursome to the excruciatingly hot! Add some spice to your lunch or your dinner party.

Sweet Heat

hot sweets and chocolates
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Hot sweets and chocolates from the sublime to the ridiculously hot! Not just a novelty item, they taste good and are seriously moreish.

Spice Mixes

hot & spicy blends
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We’ve a range of blended spice mixes from around the world. Quickly and easily spice up any meal or snack, these are a great little addition to the kitchen cupboard.

Hot Hampers & Saucy Gifts

great gifts for chilli lovers
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Hampers and sauce gift packs that look as hot as the products included. Give the gift of chillies to your friends and loved ones.
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Founded by Sarah Hunt in 2008, World of Chillies is an online chilli shop specialising in chilli plants, seeds, gifts, dried chillies and sauces.

We are dedicated to the pursuit of everything that is hot and great.

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