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Chilli Cook-in Spice Mixes £2.50

With World of Chillies Spice Mixes all you're getting is fantastic spice blends; No additives, no fillers, no thickeners, no junk!
World of Chillies have specially selected ten of the finest quality spice blends from around the world. These convenient spice mixes have been chosen to add spicy, aromatic and complex flavours to your meals with the utmost of ease.
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Piquant Piri Piri

Piri Piri is the name used in Mozambique for the African birdseye chilli. There are loads of dishes, sauces and spice blends based on this classic chilli.
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Flamin' Fajita

Fajitas are a popular Tex Mex dish. Originally from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Fajita is Spanish for ‘little belt’, named after the beef skirt that was commonly used.
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Harissan Heat

Harissa is the classic Tunisian spice blend that can be found across north Africa. This is a fiery, aromatic and colourful spice blend.
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Cajun Comfort

Cajun cuisine originates in the state of Louisiana inn the USA, with the descendants of French Canadians. It is a gutsy, robust combination of spicy French and Southern flavours.
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Ras El Hanout

This complex mix of aromatic flavours is made up of more than 20 herbs, spices & flowers. The original blend comes from Moroccan Souks, or spice merchants.
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Taco Tastic

Tacos are a traditional Mexican lunchtime dish, consisting of a tortilla and a variety of fillings. These usually include a spiced meat and a variety of garnishes.
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Tangy Tikka

This mild, aromatic curry blend is so popular that it has been called Britain’s true national dish. In fact Tikka Masala has its origins not in India but in a curry house in Glasgow!
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Naga Masala

Extra Hot North Indian Spice Blend. A range of aromatic spices and flavours, lead by the intense heat and citrus twang of the infamous chilli, the Naga Morich or Bhut Jolokia
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Zatar Zing

Za'atar is a key ingredient of Lebanese cuisine but is popular across the Middle East. This blend of thyme, sesame seeds, bitter Turkish sumac and salt is a really easy to use.
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