Chilli Plugs & Plants

Last Chance for Chilli Plugs & Plants - 50% Off All Remaining

World of Chillies is famed for its super big, super healthy chilli plugs and plants. We really pride ourselves on the quality we supply and you'll be hard-pressed to find a better looking plant this side of the equator. It's easy to grow chillies, especially when we started them off super early for you.

So whatever the summer, you can look forward to a bumper harvest of hot delicious pods. PLEASE NOTE: Plants & plugs can only be sent to U.K. addresses.
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Plugs available now, plants from early April

Recordbreaker Chilli Plugs & Plants

Extreme heat chillies
Worlds Hottest Chillies
A great range of 18 different superhot chilli plugs and plants, including the World’s Hottest Chilli.

All in excess of 1 million Scoville Units so not for the feint-hearted.

World's Hottest Chilli Plugs & Plants

The World’s Top of the Hots
orange habanero fatalii scotch bonnet
A superb selection of some of the best hot chillies from across the globe.

We stock a range of Habaneros, Scotch Bonnets, hot annuums and the Mother of all Chillies.

Chefs' Varieties Chilli Plugs & Plants

Chef's Favourite Chillies
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Classic chefs’ favourites to suite cuisines from around the world. A great range of heats and flavours.

From the humble Jalapeño to the gentle giant Ancho, this selection includes all the greenhouse staples.

Weird & Wonderful Plugs & Plants

Hot oddities and beauties
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Hot ornamental chillies that are at home in the kitchen and the garden. We’ve some stunners.

We stock some of the world’s weirdest chillies such as the Pimiento de Patron, the Russian Roulette chilli.

All Plug & Plant Collections

16 amazing chilli collections
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With 58 varieties of plugs and plants, you’ll certainly be spoiled for choice.

We’ve picked out some of the best in 16 collections to save you time and money.

A-Z, All Plugs & Plants

58 Varieties, 16 Collections
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Select from 58 different varieties of Chilli Plug and Plants and 12 different collections.

This is slow to load, not recommended for phones & mobile devices.

Super-size Chilli Plugs & Plants

World of Chillies is famed for its super big, super healthy chilli plugs & plants. They are started extra early to give you the best chance of a large crop of juicy hot pods. All large, green and very healthy. All plugs and plants are sent out with a chilli plant care sheet with step by step instructions for growing on.

Find out more about the range of chilli plugs that we're growing this season...
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Don't just take our word for it...

nice things about our chillies
About Us
Founded by Sarah Hunt in 2008, World of Chillies is an online chilli shop specialising in chilli plants, seeds, gifts, dried chillies and sauces.

We are dedicated to the pursuit of everything that is hot and great.

We stock an extensive range of chilli plugs and plants varieties from around the world. VAT reg 223 1269 42
Hastings, East Sussex, U.K.

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