The world of all things chilli … dive in, it’s hot, hot, hot!

World of Chillies stocks everything from chilli plants and plugs, gifts for chefs, sauces for chilli heads, as well as dried chillies, spice mixes and chilli hampers.

We also have a wealth of practical information for growing and lots of interesting chilli news. So dive in!

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Chilli Plugs & Plants

68 varieties of early start plugs & plants
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Chilli Seeds

nearly 100 varieties of chilli seed
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Chilli Plant Grow Guide

comprehensive guide to growing chillies
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Chilli Gallery

6 galleries of hot eye candy
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Chilli Grow Kit

the road to success with growing chillies
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Other Chilli Products

gifts, sauces, snacks & dried chillies
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Chilli Plants & Plugs

Early Start Chilli Plants. Our long season chilli plants are planted as early as possible in the year to ensure you will have extra large plants by flowering and fruiting time, helping to ensure bumper crops that will ripen before the autumn falls. Chilli plants include; Moruga, Trinidad Scorpion classic and Butch T, Bhut Jolokia, Naga Morich and many others.

World of Chillies also stocks a range of around 75 varieties of chilli seed including the world’s hottest chillies such as the newly crowned World’s Hottest Chilli, Moruga as well as Bhut Jolokia and a range of Habaneros.

Seed Collections. World of Chillies has also put together five classic collections of chilli seeds which offer some the most popular varieties and good savings on individual packets. Collections include Fire Chillies, World’s Hottest, Classic Chef’s, Hot Ornamentals, Weird and Wonderful.
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Dried chillies, sauces & spices

Hot and flavoursome, chillies are the ideal way to spice up your evening meals or lunch pack. World of Chillies offers a range of nine dried chillies from across the world, including Bhut Jolokia, Habanero and Chipotle. Visit the Dried Chillies page for more information and to purchase.

Our Spice Packs are the quick and easy way to make a meal in minutes. Classic blends from across the world include Moroccan Ras el Hanout, north African Harissa, Piri Piri or Lebanese Za’atar. Visit the Spice Packs page for more information and to purchase.
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Chilli Gifts

World of Chillies specialise in Chilli Gifts for chilli addicts and growers of chillies. From our attractively packaged Hampers with a range of food products to our growers Hot Boxes, all World of Chillies gifts come attractively packaged and full of hot goodies.

There is something for everyone on the gifts page, from Chilli Chocolates and mugs to complete Hot Hampers.

Visit the Chilli Gifts page for more information and to purchase.
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Chilli Club

There are many great articles for you to enjoy as a member of Chilli Club. Every few months when we get the chance we publish recipes, news and features about all things chilli.

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Hot for Habaneros

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Thai Tastic

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Bhut Ghost Chilli

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Chillies of India

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Growing Chillies

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Chilli & Chocolate

About Us
Founded by Sarah Hunt in 2008, World of Chillies is an online chilli shop specialising in chilli plants, seeds, gifts, dried chillies and sauces.

We are dedicated to the pursuit of everything that is hot and great.

We stock an extensive range of chilli plugs and plants varieties from around the world. VAT reg 223 1269 42


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